Freeman discusses Israel Lobby on CNN

Charles Freeman defends against accusations of anti-Semitism.  Video.



5 Responses to “Freeman discusses Israel Lobby on CNN”

  1. worzzz Says:

    The Israel Lobby’s muzzle in UK.

    UK Baroness: “The constant accusation of Anti-Semitism to silence Israels critics is vindictive”

  2. worzzz Says:

    [b]Debate Over ‘Israel Lobby’ Clout Returns.[/b] (Snips from the Forward Magazine)

    Washington — The fight is over. Chas Freeman, the outspoken Israel critic appointed to chair the National Intelligence Council, is out. And now, both sides in the explosive firefight that broke out over his appointment are battling to frame the narrative over what it all meant. … “The lobby might have won, but they paid a price.” …

    … the authors’ key arguments was that there was a lack of open public debate in the United States over foreign policy issues relating to Israel, because the lobby and its supporters seek to stifle open discussion of the issue. …

    … strong critics of Israel may be cut off from government positions of real influence. Several incidents in recent years also suggest that untenured faculty at some colleges may want to consider their career prospects before speaking out too boldly. …

    Mearsheimer praised the Internet as the main force promoting a new sense of openness on this issue. He condemned the mainstream media as “hopeless.” … And they insist that the success of the pro-Israel lobby in influencing American policy — though pursued legitimately — has harmed American interests. …

    AIPAC’s former director of foreign policy, Steve Rosen, who used his blog to lead the fight against Freeman’s appointment, saw it differently. Rosen, who once famously described the lobby as a night flower that “thrives in the dark and dies in the sun,” made clear that the public exposure did not serve the pro-Israel lobby’s interests. “I’m sure AIPAC was happy when Freeman withdrew, but they might also be worried by the high profile of the Freeman issue,” he said. …

    In his wake, advocates on both sides of the debate about the lobby agree that public discourse is now more receptive to ideas challenging the lobby’s positions. …

    [b]The damage done by the Chas Freeman saga.[/b] (Snips from the FP magazine)

    … The affair demonstrates anew the strength of the taboo against open and candid discussion in the United States of policy involving Israel. …

  3. worzzz Says:

    [b]The Lobby Falters.[/b] by John Mearsheimer. (Snips)

    … Why does the lobby care so much about one appointment to an important, but not top leadership position? Here’s one reason: Freeman would have been responsible for the production of National Intelligence Estimates. Israel and its American supporters were outraged when the National Intelligence Council concluded in November 2007 that Iran was not building nuclear weapons, and they have worked assiduously to undermine that report ever since. The lobby wants to make sure that the next estimate of Iran’s nuclear capabilities reaches the opposite conclusion, and that would have been much less likely to happen with Freeman in charge. Better to have someone vetted by Aipac running the show.

    An even more important reason for the lobby to drive Freeman out of his job is the weakness of the case for America’s present policy towards Israel, which makes it imperative to silence or marginalise anyone who criticises the special relationship. If Freeman hadn’t been punished, others would see that one could talk critically about Israel and still have a successful career in Washington. And once you get an open and free-wheeling discussion about Israel, the special relationship will be in serious trouble.

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the Freeman affair was that the mainstream media paid it little attention …

    Freeman’s remarkable statement has shot all around the world and been read by countless individuals. This isn’t good for the lobby, which would have preferred to kill Freeman’s appointment without leaving any fingerprints. But Freeman will continue to speak out about Israel and the lobby, and maybe some of his natural allies inside the Beltway will eventually join him. Slowly but steadily, space is being opened up in the United States to talk honestly about Israel.

  4. worzzz Says:

    Our constitution provides for the separation of religious and state affairs. It is illegal for treasury funds to be expended to advance religious causes. Nevertheless, Zionists have been able to tap into hundreds of billion dollars of taxpayer moneys to advance their goals in the Middle-East.

    The claim that God gave the land of Israel to his favorite people in perpetuity rests on shaky foundations. Nobody has seen proof of such a claim other than man-made scripture. I doubt that God would play favorites if he exists. – The claim that the world was created in 7 days a mere 3000 years ago is known to be false, Science proved that the earth is many million years old. – So let’s get real. …

  5. worzzz Says:

    [B]The Forward Magazine interviews Chas Freeman.[/B] (Snips)

    … “I think the values in Israel are deeply disturbing now to many in the Jewish community, as well,” …

    … “We have paid heavily and often in treasure in the past for our unflinching support and unstinting subsidies of Israel’s approach to managing its relations with the Arabs. Five years ago we began to pay with the blood of our citizens here at home. We are now paying with the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines on battlefields in several regions of the realm of Islam, with more said by our government’s neoconservative mentors to be in prospect.”

    “You have to be fairly obsessive to read that into it,” Freeman said of the charge that he blames American support of Israel for 9/11. “What it means is that our relationship with Israel, given what Israel has done to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, has helped to create an atmosphere first in the Arab world and now through all of Islam, in which anti-Americanism flourishes.

    “There is a hell of a lot of polling date to sustain this. It’s ridiculous to say it’s cause and effect. But it’s also ridiculous to say there are no consequences. There are consequences.” …

    “I despise political correctness, and that is why I am unacceptable to this group and others.” – The “group” to which Freeman was referring, of course, is the supporters of Israel who attacked him for weeks …

    But Freeman insisted that it was the attacks from supporters of Israel that forced him to withdraw. “The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth,” he wrote in a statement announcing his withdrawal. …

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