Newspaper Re-vitalization Act

Mainstream Media Bailout Bill Introduced.

The “Newspaper Revitalization Act” was introduced this week by Senator Benjamin Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland

The newspaper industry is owned and controlled by a hand full of giant media companies … They are dying because they deserve to die. …

Cardin’s Newspaper Revitalization Act would allow newspapers to operate as nonprofits …

Benjamin Cardin biography:



One Response to “Newspaper Re-vitalization Act”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Media Propaganda Model’ by Herman and Chomsky . (Snips)

    Our Mainstream Media deserve to die …. !!!!!
    … Media, according to this framework, do not have to be controlled nor does
    their behavior have to be patterned, as it is assumed that they are integral
    actors in class warfare, fully integrated into the institutional framework of
    society, and act in unison with other ideological sectors, i.e. the academy,
    to establish, enforce, reinforce and ‘police’ corporate hegemony. …

    … Mass media are instruments of power that ‘mobilize support
    for the special interests that dominate the state and private activity’ …

    … media personnel act in ways that effectively serve the interests of dominant elites …

    The crucial structural factors derive from the fact that the dominant media
    are firmly imbedded in the market system. …

    media content serves ‘political interests’, serves to ‘mobilize’ (or not) sympathetic emotion for
    victims and outrage against victimizers, to divert public attention away
    from select news items and direct attention towards others….

    The ideology process consists of the numerous methods through which
    members of the power elite attempt to shape the beliefs, attitudes and
    opinions of the underlying population. . . . Free and open discussion are
    claimed to be the hallmarks of the process, but past experience shows that
    its leaders will utilize deceit and violence in order to combat individuals
    and organizations which espouse attitudes and opinions that threaten the
    power and privileges of the ruling class. . . .—-02.pdf

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