The Origin of the Word “Holocaust”.

The origin of the word ‘Holocaust”.

The term holocaust originally derived from the Greek word holókauston, meaning “completely (holos), burnt (kaustos)” …

Elie Wiesel is sometimes credited with having coined the word in the late 1950s in its modern sense as a noun referring specifically to the Nazi genocide of Jews. However, the word (in this sense) was not widely used till after the airing of the TV miniseries in 1978 entitled “Holocaust”.

To my knowledge, no living persons were burnt in Europe’s concentration camps. It seems the term ‘Holocaust’ would be more descriptive of Hiroshima and Dresden whose inhabitants were burned alive in large numbers during WWII.

In his book “The Holocaust Industry”, Norman Finkelstein asserts that the Nazi genocide has deteriorated into a profitable cash cow for unscrupulous entrepreneurs – a shameless marketing tool.


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