The Disease of War.

[B]The Disease of Permanent War.[/B]

…. Massive military spending in this country, climbing to nearly $1 trillion a year and consuming half of all discretionary spending, has a profound social cost. Bridges and levees collapse. Schools decay. Domestic manufacturing declines. Trillions in debts threaten the viability of the currency and the economy. The poor, the mentally ill, the sick and the unemployed are abandoned. Human suffering, including our own, is the price for victory. …


[B]CIA Warns Israel: ‘Don’t Attack Iran Alone’.[/B]

[B]Here’s how Israel would destroy Iran’s nuclear program.[/B]

[B]ElBaradei: Israel strike on Iran would be ‘insane’. [/B]


[B]Peace Now: ‘Natural growth’ – Israel’s trick for West Bank expansion. [/B]

… Most legal analysts around the world, including U.S. State Department jurists, view the construction of settlements in the West Bank as a violation of international law relating to war and conquered territories. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits states from moving their own citizens into conquered land. …


[B]New envoy to U.S.: Soon Jews won’t want to live in Israel.[/B]

… Oren, a historian from the Shalem Center whom Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tapped for Israel’s top diplomatic post, described a country rotten to the core, riddled by everything from drug dealing to white slavery, from money laundering to illegal arms trading. …


[B]Netanyahu’s only card to play with Obama is Iran.[/B]


[B]The Six Issues That Divide Bibi from Barack [/B],8599,1899135,00.html?xid=rss-fullworld-yahoo


[B]Obama is surrounded by some people who are convinced they know Netanyahu well, and that he is not trustworthy.[/B]

… If one compares the Obama administration to the Bush administration, there is no doubt that Israel had been relegated; it commands less importance, less intimacy, less goodwill, and less respect. …,7340,L-3717739,00.html


… Netanyahu is in a bind: He can’t afford to anger the Americans over the settlements, but stands to lose a great deal among his supporters in Likud if he does take action. And so he will attempt to remove the settlements – not from the West Bank but from the center of discussion, using the usual method of establishing a committee. He will try to find a formula that will assuage the United States without declaring a freeze on settlement construction that could lose him the coalition. It will be interesting to see whether Obama opts for confrontation now or decides to go along at Netanyahu’s pace.


Israel allows only food, medicine and detergent into the Gaza Strip. Thousands of items, including vital products for everyday activity, are forbidden.


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