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Netanyahu under Pressure

June 28, 2009

Netanyahu folds under US pressure, pulls out of West Bank towns before peace talks. 




Chomski on Israel 




Report: Settlements polluting West Bank streams

Israel and the Palestinian Authority’s failure to treat wastewater in the West Bank has harmed the health and future water supply of all residents of Israel and the West Bank, human rights group B’Tselem said in a report published Sunday. ….,7340,L-3738100,00.html 




Video testimony: IDF Soldiers shot and killed man and his son in their home, 




Who Runs the US Media. 


Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media. 


The Illuminati.

Netanyahu – Obstacle to Peace!

June 15, 2009

Carter: Netanyahu speech created new obstacles to peace.

A speech in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared support for limited Palestinian statehood created new obstacles to peace, former United States president Jimmy Carter told Israeli lawmakers on Monday.

“In my opinion, Netanyahu brought up several obstacles to peace in his speech that others before him have not placed,” Carter told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

“He insists on settlement expansion, demands that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state even though 20% of Israel’s citizens are not Jews,” the former US president said. ….

Palestinians: Netanyahu is ‘sabotaging’ peace efforts.

… “Our main demand is the end of the occupation and finding a fair solution for Palestinian refugees and halting settlements,” ….

Full text of Netanyahu’s foreign policy speech at Bar Ilan.

What motivates our enemies? – FBI testimony

June 13, 2009

[B]What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn’t.

… US support of repressive regimes in the Middle-East …[/B]

Textbook Racketeering

June 11, 2009

America’s Textbook Racketeering Scams.

Exposing the Textbook Industry: How Publishers’ Pricing Tactics Drive Up the Cost of College Textbooks.


Students spend an average of $900 a year on textbooks—20 percent of tuition at an average university and half of tuition at a community college. Textbook prices have increased at four times the rate of inflation since 1994 and continue to rise. …

Affordable Textbooks

Congress passed HR 4137, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Oct 15, 2007: Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes SB 832, the California College Textbook Affordability Act, … Substitutes AB 1548

AIPAC loosing Influence

June 10, 2009

[B]AIPAC Wall Beginning to Crack[/B]

For years, AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has helped to stonewall the Middle East peace process by building a solid wall around the Israeli government, protecting it from criticism in the US. Senators and representatives have feared the wrath of AIPAC come Election Day, even in states and districts where the Jewish vote is negligible. Whatever they may have thought privately about Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, they’ve remained silent. ….

Now, for the first time, there are signs of a crack in AIPAC’s vaunted political edifice. The wedge issue is the Obama administration’s public demand that Israel stop all new construction in its West Bank settlements, including what the Israelis call expansion to accommodate “natural growth.” …

What’s new is the serious objection being voiced in the US government, not merely by the president and his administration, but by members of Congress, … There are still plenty in Congress who toe the AIPAC line. …

… J Street, the pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby now widely seen as the counterweight to AIPAC. Contributions to J Street are growing at a rate faster than AIPAC’s. …

… leaders of Jewish organizations who still parrot the AIPAC line may dominate the mass media, but they can no longer dominate their own rank-and-file. …

Loving Israel by hating Obama

June 9, 2009

Loving Israel by hating Obama. (Snips)

… In historically liberal Minnesota, Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman contributed the following to an “Ask the Rabbis” discussion conducted by the North American Jewish magazine Moment, which asked the question “How should Jews treat their Arab neighbors?”

“I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral,” Rabbi Friedman began.

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle),”

Profane Anti-Obama – Video

AIPAC Spy Trial Update

June 8, 2009

DOJ moves to reverse AIPAC espionage case guilty plea and jail time.

… On May 14, US attorneys quietly filed a sealed motion “as to Lawrence Anthony Franklin” in the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge Ellis then granted a hearing for June 12 at 9AM. On June 2, they filed a sealed memorandum about Franklin. Though sealed motions are of course secret, it is likely that under the watchful eye of Eric Holder the DOJ’s political appointees are arranging yet another special favor for the Israel lobby in order to steer around the Obama pardon dilemma. …

Rabbi: Don’t bow to Obama

June 7, 2009

Rabbi Aviner: Don’t bow down to Obama.

Prominent leader of Religious Zionism warns government against yielding to American pressure over outposts, says Israel must not accept ‘handouts’ from US …,7340,L-3725904,00.html


 Jews gone wild – Video.


Israel’s Tourism Ministry distributes condoms at London event.

Party favors, bearing the motto ‘come and visit Israel’, meant to promote Tel Aviv-based travel package.

British travel agents were recently shocked to receive boxes of condoms handed out as part of a campaign to promote travel to Israel, during an event hosted by the Tourism Ministry in London.

The event, attended by representatives of the El-Al Airline, various Tel Aviv hotels and the Tel Aviv tourism foundation, as well as several British travel agents, was hosted with the objective of promoting a travel package to Israel focused on Tel Aviv.

As party favors, patrons leaving the event were given boxes of condoms bearing the motto ‘come and visit Tel Aviv.’ Some of the attendees were even told: Come to Tel Aviv and be satisfied.,7340,L-3726549,00.html

Israel – US Crisis

June 2, 2009

Crisis nears as U.S. slams Israeli settlement policy.

Tensions between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government are nearing crisis levels after senior American officials harshly criticized the prime minister and his policies yesterday. …

Despite the growing American pressure, which also came out in the leak to the New York Times that the U.S. intended to end its support for Israel in UN debates, Netanyahu continues to say he will not agree to a total freeze of construction in the settlements. …

U.S. Weighs Tactics on Israeli Settlement.

The measures under discussion — all largely symbolic — include stepping back from America’s near-uniform support for Israel in the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not agree to a settlement freeze, administration officials said.

Other measures include refraining from the instant Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit to criticize the settlements, officials said.

Washington is furious over the Interior Ministry’s anticipated approval of a plan to build a new hotel in East Jerusalem, just 100 meters from the Old City’s walls. The plan, which would see the demolition of a wholesale market and kindergarten …

What will happen if Israel ‘defeats’ Obama?

…. What chutzpah on the part of Barack Obama. He just entered the White House and already has something to say about how many new houses we are building in Ofra, and about when we will dismantle the walls in the “illegal outposts,” …

… What will happen if we destroy the prestige of the strongest man in the world and portray him as an empty vessel, incapable of halting the settlement program of a U.S. protege? …