Israel – US Crisis

Crisis nears as U.S. slams Israeli settlement policy.

Tensions between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government are nearing crisis levels after senior American officials harshly criticized the prime minister and his policies yesterday. …

Despite the growing American pressure, which also came out in the leak to the New York Times that the U.S. intended to end its support for Israel in UN debates, Netanyahu continues to say he will not agree to a total freeze of construction in the settlements. …

U.S. Weighs Tactics on Israeli Settlement.

The measures under discussion — all largely symbolic — include stepping back from America’s near-uniform support for Israel in the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not agree to a settlement freeze, administration officials said.

Other measures include refraining from the instant Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit to criticize the settlements, officials said.

Washington is furious over the Interior Ministry’s anticipated approval of a plan to build a new hotel in East Jerusalem, just 100 meters from the Old City’s walls. The plan, which would see the demolition of a wholesale market and kindergarten …

What will happen if Israel ‘defeats’ Obama?

…. What chutzpah on the part of Barack Obama. He just entered the White House and already has something to say about how many new houses we are building in Ofra, and about when we will dismantle the walls in the “illegal outposts,” …

… What will happen if we destroy the prestige of the strongest man in the world and portray him as an empty vessel, incapable of halting the settlement program of a U.S. protege? …


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3 Responses to “Israel – US Crisis”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Germany joins calls for Israel to end settlement construction.

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has demanded that Israel put an end to all settlement building in the Palestinian territories …..


    Israeli ministers: No West Bank settlement freeze.

    Senior members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet reiterated Sunday that the government has rejected a U.S. demand to halt all activity in West Bank settlements, despite strongly-worded demands from the Obama administration to do so.

    “I want to make it clear that the current Israeli government will not accept in any way the freezing of legal settlement activity in Judea and Samaria West Bank,” Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz told Army Radio.

    Meanwhile, Interior Minister Eli Yishai of Shas told his fellow cabinet ministers Sunday that the U.S. demand on settlement activity was tantamount to “expulsion.” …


    Netanyahu: “What the hell do they want from me?”

    1. Define Israel’s borders and then live within them.
    2. Quit whining.
    3. Ratify a constitution.
    2. Quit whining.
    5. Sign the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
    6. Quit whining.
    7. Shut down AIPAC.
    8. Quit whining.
    9. Stop sponging off the rest of the world.
    10. Quit whining.
    11. Stop obsessing about WW2.
    12. Quit whining.


     Congress gives Obama green light to squeeze Israel.


    Abbas & Obama Video.


    Baroness Tonge: “Israel stands accused of war crimes witnessed by the whole world”

  2. worzzz Says:

    Violent Settlers. – Video


    Global Peace Index Rankings

    The table below provides the GPI rankings for the 144 countries analysed in 2009. Rankings for the 140 countries analysed in 2008 and the 121 countries analysed in 2007 are also included. Countries most at peace are ranked first. A lower score indicates a more peaceful country.

    Israel ranks near the bottom at 141, Germany 16, UK 35, USA 83;

  3. worzzz Says:

    ANALYSIS / Netanyahu will comply with Obama’s demands.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will back down. Another week, another month, and he will give into American pressure and will be forced to accept the two-state solution and also agree to some sort of concessions on settlements. ….

    The Americans are demanding complete cessation of construction in the settlements, or in the language of President Obama, “no settlements.” Netanyahu insists on “natural growth,” but has no troops. Not one of Israel’s supporters in the U.S. has stood up against the popular president to defend the construction of a new neighborhood in Ma’aleh Adumim or a home for a young couple in Itzhar. At most, they might ask Obama to be a little more gentle and not bash Israel. ….

    The American determination caught Netanyahu and his aides by surprise, and they were neither party to the drafts of the president’s speech nor were they able to influence its content. The PM’s Bureau is finding it difficult to function and is barely able to respond to telephone calls, much less put together a counter-spin. …

    …. Israel’s only real existential danger is losing U.S. support. Yes, there is no Israel without America – not only the $30 billion annual defense aid (without which the IDF would be a shadow of itself), or the market for one-third of Israeli exports, but also international support. Israel, which has become a leper in many circles, is lost without Washington’s sponsorship. There is no alternative superpower ….

    Key U.S. Jews wary of Netanyahu’s unbending policy on settlements.

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