The Israel Project Handbook

The Israel Project’s Secret Hasbara Handbook Exposed 


Defending the indefensible settlements.

Barack Obama sees the settlements in this light, which is why he has made a full freeze a centerpiece of his policy. Generally, congressional Democrats, even those known to side with the Israel lobby in the past, have adopted the administration’s position on the issue. … for Peace Now’s Ori Nir places the issue in a broader context, also contradicting the TIP claim. “American Jews increasingly realize that settlements undermine Israel’s ability to survive, long term, as a democratic Jewish state and that they undermine America’s national security interest in a stable, peaceful Middle East,” he told Bloomfield.
 Israel Project‘s ‘2009 global language directory’


To counter US opposition to Israel’s settlements, Israel’s American supporters are adopting a new, defensive strategy …


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2 Responses to “The Israel Project Handbook”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Israel Warships Cross Suez In Possible Iran Signal.

  2. worzzz Says:

    How to apply PR spin to (Israel’s) settlement issue.

    The Root Cause of the Israel-Arab Conflict: Occupation – Video

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