Give Netanyahu the Boot …….. !!!!!

Russia, France up pressure to halt East-Jerusalem construction.

One day after the United States demanded that Israel stop building projects in east Jerusalem, Russia joined the call, urging the Jewish state to immediately halt construction in the area, and saying that a failure to do so would be a violation of the road map peace agreement. ….

 >>> Time to give Netanyahu the boot …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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7 Responses to “Give Netanyahu the Boot …….. !!!!!”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Israeli settlements “political suicide”: Merkel ally.

    BERLIN (Reuters) – A senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party on Tuesday urged Israel not to build more settlements, warning it risked political suicide if it continued to do so.

    In unusually strong comments for a German politician, Ruprecht Polenz, the head of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, was quoted as saying Israel’s aim of having secure borders would only be possible with a two-state solution. …

    Enjoying safe borders would only be conceivable for Israel if East Jerusalem could operate as the capital of a Palestinian state, said Polenz. But he added Israel was trying to cut off East Jerusalem from the West Bank by building more settlements. …

    some 1,500 demolition orders were pending for homes built without a permit from Israel’s Jerusalem Municipality in the east of the city. …

    The Israel Lobby has too much influence in America’s politics. We must be firm in dealing with Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu is not trustworthy.

    ‘Natural growth’ is Israel’s trick for further West Bank expansion.

    … Most legal analysts around the world, including U.S. State Department jurists, view the construction of settlements in the West Bank as a violation of international law relating to war and conquered territories. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits states from moving their own citizens into conquered land. …

  2. worzzz Says:

    Also boot out all our elected representatives who support Zionist colonialism. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    End the leeching!

  3. worzzz Says:

    A reasonable person could come to the conclusion that Jerusalem might become a shared capital. – But then again, the Zionist land-grab instinct is probably too overpowering.

  4. worzzz Says:

    The painful cost to Israel of its settler adventure.

    The settlement movement has cost Israel some $100 billion over the past 40 years.


    US Policy: Jews in Eastern Jerusalem are Unwanted ‘Settlers’.

    ( The U.S. State Department made it clear Tuesday that Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem are “settlements,” which U.S. President Barack Obama has called “illegitimate.”

    Soros-Backed Think Tank Issues Advice on Neutralizing Settlers.

    ( The International Crisis Group, an investigative think tank connected to billionaire George Soros, has issued a report on the current influence of the religious Zionist movement and ways in which its opposition to further Israeli retreats can be overcome. Soros, who was a major contributor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and who is vehemently opposed to the “Israel lobby” in the United States, is a member of the Crisis Group’s executive committee.

    … the group’s analysts concluded that the government needs to “rein in” the “settlerment enterprise” …

    Israel’s Religious Right and the Question of Settlements. – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


    Study: Settlements get more state funding than Israeli cities.


    Israel’s economic future depends on integrating its Arab citizens.


    Israelis don’t pay price for injustice.

    … miserable victims, as we so much like to be.

  5. worzzz Says:

    France, Switzerland call for stop to settlement building.

    President Nicolas Sarkozy, called for an immediate freeze in settlement construction, including in eastern Jerusalem … The statement also expressed the ministry’s concern “over the destruction of houses near East Jerusalem’s old town and the planned eviction of Palestinian families.” …

    … The call comes a day after the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to freeze settlement building in eastern Jerusalem. …

    The European Union and Russia also called on Israel this week to halt a building project on Jewish-owned land in Arab eastern Jerusalem.


    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration that he supports the “two states for two peoples” vision. … yet the prime minister does not intend to implement what he said; in fact, we are being told that Netanyahu presented the kind of conditions that have no chance of being accepted by the Palestinians.

    So Netanyahu uttered some words? So what, it means nothing, or so we are being told. But in response I would say that this slyness shows blindness to reality.

    We have also been seeing more and more reports about extensive construction at various communities located in Judea and Samaria. We are hearing about “a proper Jewish and Zionist response,” and we are told that the Americans, as always, will turn a blind eye to this.,7340,L-3750197,00.html

  6. worzzz Says:

    Most of my postings are snips from Israeli on-line magazines (Ynet, Arutz, Haaretz, JTA, Jpost, Forward, Btselem, Salon, …. plus Megaphone, Hasbara, CAMERA, Debka, Samson blinded, AIPAC, … to mention only a few)

    I am aware that Madoff is only the tip of the iceberg. ……

    If our democracy is to function fairly, information needs to be broadly accessible to the public. Ideology is not part of my motivator.

    — I am the one who looks under the rug. —

  7. worzzz Says:

    Slapping Obama, or Please God, keep Israel from making peace.


    This is what is wrong with a Jewish state.

    …. Radical settlers and immigrants from the former Soviet Union have voiced unabashed, despicable racist attitudes toward a black president of the United States. ….


    Israeli Settlers Set Fire To Palestinian Fields, Stone Cars During Rampage


    Jews protest Arab construction in Israel.


    THE HOLOCAUST THEN, AND NOW. (In pictures)

    The grandchildren of Jewish holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany.

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