Israeli Lawyer opposes Apartheid


A report by the

Israeli Violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Arab Territories. World Peace Council Presented by Felicia Langer. 


Germany honors anti-Zionist Israeli Felicia Langer

Felicia Langer was born in a Jewish family in 1930 in the Polish city of Tarnow and moved to Israel with her family in 1950.

From early on, she found the Zionism-inspired discrimination against the native Arabs of what used to be the British Mandate of Palestine, deeply offensive and unjust.

Having trained as a lawyer, she dedicated her life to helping the oppressed and dispossessed Arabs in Israeli courts, especially in cases of land confiscation, house demolition, deportation, tortures, denial of documents and other injustices.

.. Langer has repeatedly described Israel as “the apartheid of the present” and the officials in the government as “war criminals” for their countless attacks against Palestinians. 


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  1. worzzz Says:

    Global Human Rights Index.

    See Page 23. On a score of 1 to 10:

    Northern European countries including Germany rank highest (2)

    Israel ranks (8)**ALL**&filter1=228

    The top 100 Human Rights offenders
    This table ranks human rights abusers in descending order; the figures in the right-hand column are obtained by multiplying a weighted score of abuses by the Human Development Index.


    Yugoslavia (Federal Republic) 10.4 0.86 24.94
    North Korea 23.2 0.765 20.66
    Indonesia 206.5 0.681 214,995 20.09
    Algeria 30.2 0.665 47,072 19.95
    Libya 6.0 0.756 18.14
    Colombia 37.7 0.768 95,745 16.90
    Egypt 65.7 0.616 75,605 15.40
    Israel 5.9 0.883 98,081 15.01
    China 1255.1 0.701 901,981 14.72
    Iran 73.1 0.715 89,979 14.66
    Congo (Democratic Republic) 49.2 0.479 6,101 14.37,,258330,00.html

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