Netanyahu defeats Obama

Obama Loses Fight Over Israeli Settlements.

Obama’s chiding won’t be enough. Get tough. Stop all aid to Israel ….. !!!!


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2 Responses to “Netanyahu defeats Obama”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Netanyahu humiliates Barack Obama


    In the campaign to cripple the Obama administration, to destroy his presidency, Israel is doing much, much more than its share.

    As noted, this past week has been especially fruitful. We lobbied the US State Department into shooting down the Goldstone report, and now the Obama administration is effectively an apologist for alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

    We wore down Middle East envoy George Mitchell on the settlement freeze, and now it may only be a matter of time before we see “hilltop youth” building a new outpost called Havat Obama.

    We’re making the president of the United States look pathetic. He’s becoming a national joke. And the Republicans are laughing along with us.

    The spin around here is that he’s learned his lesson. He’s learned that it was a mistake to insist on a total settlement freeze, a mistake to think he could dictate terms to us, a mistake to think he could change the Middle East with the force of his personality.

    >>>> Americans don’t you feel insulted ….. ????

  2. worzzz Says:

    Neocons are still in Charge. – Obama caved in.

    Pathology (Snips)

    … (Obama) holds a winning hand when dealing with Israel, in objective terms. (Israel) needs the US desperately for almost everything, and the US needs Israel for nothing — indeed, in strategic terms, the Israeli connection makes being merely a liability seem like a good thing.

    It is not just the difficulties it causes the US regionally and globally. It is that some of the worst Israeli habits have been penetrating the US system as well. ….

    Politically, of course, Israel — through AIPAC formally and a host of other Jewish PACs and wealthy individuals — effectively owns the US Congress and the US mainstream media, which gives them great political leverage over any president, unbeknown to most Americans. …

    1. He has been backed into a corner by his staff and political appointees.
    2. He is being blackmailed.
    3. He just doesn’t have the backbone for the job.

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