Israel wants Regime Change in Iran

Israel wants ‘Regime Change’ in Iran – Let’s you, America, attack!  

(Israel’s) Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Saturday. AFP quoted him as urging immediate action, saying, “Without wasting time, we must work towards the overthrow of the mad regime of Teheran.”

 >>> We heard it before – in preparation to oust Saddam Hussein of Iraq. — Same old swindle. — Only this time we are bankrupt and unable to engage in such insanity.

It appears that no matter what Iran says or does at this point, the US and Israel have decided on some kind of military confrontation against Iran. The drums for war are beating faster and more loudly than ever.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at some kind of Israeli-engineered “false flag” operation in the not too distant future to get such a war going.

Why is Israel allowed to develop nuclear bombs and delivery systems without scrutiny. – ????


Obama: Iran Is on Notice, Won’t Rule Out Military Action.

France has joined the US and Britain in the manufacture of a casus belli.

Any possible military action against Iran would only “buy time” and delay Tehran’s nuclear program by about one to three years, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

Here is what is going on and why the US and Israel are in such a panic.

 Iran is a signer of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. Under that treaty, Iran has a legal right to build nuclear power stations and to produce the fuel for them. Under Article IV, the United States is supposed to help them do it.

Under IAEA rules, any nation building a new nuclear facility must notify the IAEA 6 months before any new facility becomes operational. Iran’s new facility is still 18 months away from completion, but Iran notified the IAEA last Monday IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NNPT RULES!

This revelation is embarrassing for the US and Israel for two reasons.

1. Contrary to face-save propaganda, the US and Israel did not know about this facility. Clearly it would have advanced the US and Israeli agenda to create war against Iran by revealing the facility before Iran could formally notify the IAEA. That would have put Iran totally on the defensive about the facility. That the Us and Israel did not do so tells me they were caught totally off guard (which also casts doubt on the so-called intelligence sources that claim Iran is building a weapon).

2. Iran announced the new facility to prove it is playing by the IAEA rules. Iran did so probably to underscore the fact that Israel just told the IAEA and the United Nations to go fuck themselves following a request by the IAEA and the United Nations for Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and submit to IAEA inspections. To save their own face, the US and Israel appear ready to launch a new war in Iran, simply because they cannot think of anything better to do. War with Iran will mean war with Russia. The US lacks the industrial capacity to sustain a major regional war.


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One Response to “Israel wants Regime Change in Iran”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Neocons Plot Regime Change in Iran.

    2003 …. AIPAC, Israel’s principal lobby in Washington, also joined the fray. “We support efforts to encourage the people of Iran to cut the regime’s ties to terrorism and its pursuit of nuclear weapons,” AIPAC spokeswoman Rebecca Dinar said piously. Morris Amitay, a former AIPAC director, said it would only be “natural” for Jewish groups to want regime change in Iran. Young Pahlavi was to meet with Iranian Jewish AIPACers, but, since “it could be seen as inappropriate” the meeting was scuttled. …

    Neocons Plot Regime Change in Iraq.

    … a white paper in 1996 called A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, which was later sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Israel’s Likud Party. It advocated a war against Iraq as a way of undermining Syria and of moderating the Shia Hezbollah of southern Lebanon, arguing that these actions would pave the way for peace and stability in a notoriously unstable part of the world. The paper came out of discussions among foreign policy experts, including Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser, many of whom later occupied important positions in the Bush administration.

    In 1997 some of the same individuals joined the newly formed Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a Washington think tank that argued openly for the United States to play a dominant role, militarily and diplomatically, in the world. The PNAC wrote a letter to President Clinton in January 1998 calling for “the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime” from power ….

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