Israeli Settlements are the Problem!

Netanyahu Scores Victory as US Abandons All Settlement Demands.





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  1. worzzz Says:

    Poll: Most Palestinians, Israelis want two-state solution. (Snips)

    … 74 percent of Palestinians and 78 percent of Israelis are willing to accept a two-state solution. …


    “We have prevented a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly announced. …


    ‘The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn’t last a day on its own’.


    Henry Siegman on Burston and ‘Israel’s pathology’ (Snips)

    …. If and when Palestinians achieve a state, which they deserve no less than do the Jewish people, it will be time enough to hold them accountable for their shortcomings. Until then, blaming Palestinians for their misery is nothing more than a pretext for the continuation of a colonialist enterprise that every other democracy in the world has relegated to a shameful past. …


    Israel could annex more of West Bank – minister (Snips)

    Israel warned the Palestinians on Monday that declaring a state without concluding a peace agreement would lead to Israeli counter-measures that could include annexation of more of the occupied West Bank. …


    Israel’s relationship with American Jews has changed. (Snips)

    … Israel is not a top priority, and that is evident in the decline in donations to Israel collected by the federations: less that a third of the approximately $900 million donated in 2008. …

  2. worzzz Says:

    U.S. ‘dismayed’ at Israel plan to build 900 homes beyond Green Line. (Snips)

    … “The U.S. also objects to other Israeli practices in Jerusalem related to housing, including the continuing pattern of evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes,” the statement continued. …

    Regional committee approves construction of 900 new housing units in south Jerusalem, neighborhood located beyond Green Line, on backdrop of new demand made by American special envoy to halt building in area. ‘The United States is not a factor,’ committee member tells Ynet. …,7340,L-3806691,00.html


    U.S. politician wants American Jews to buy West Bank homes. (Snips)

    … “Our goal is to send a clear message to Washington and President Obama that Jews will continue to live in Judea and Samaria and the ultimate commitment American Jews can make is to actually come and buy property in these areas as this will ensure these communities” security and growth,” said Dov Hikind, 59, who has been representing Brooklyn’s 48th district since 1983. …


    Israel keeps up Palestinian evictions. – Video


    Interview / Reporter Helen Thomas criticizes Obama’s Mideast peace efforts (Snips)

    … “It’s quite neglected because of Afghanistan and Iraq and the healthcare. It was right to push for a total settlements freeze, and it’s wrong for President Obama to say there is no longer ban on settlements until they start negotiations – then what you get is [a] fait accompli. I don’t think Obama should have caved on that.” …

    “I think people in Palestine are fighting for their land. Little by little, incursions and kicking people from their homes – who on earth would ever accept that without a fight? No American would and probably no Israeli would either. …

    “I think the average Israeli is very fine, very fair and straightforward. But I think their treatment of the Palestinians in Jerusalem, where they continue to take their land, is wrong. It would be wrong in France, it would be wrong anywhere in the world. No one would accept that; I wouldn’t. …


    Netanyahu’s Fear Mongering, (Snips)

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Tuesday that Iran’s nuclear program posed a threat not just to Israel, but to the entire world, during a visit to a submarine* that underscored Israel’s military might.

    * Shnorred from Germany.

  3. worzzz Says:

    World Condemns Israeli Settlements.


    New poll: 53% of Israelis think ethnic cleansing is the solution to the conflict.


    Norman Finkelstein Interviewed on Danish TV November 13, 2009.


    Demographic Problem

  4. worzzz Says:

    [B]Settlers, government put up show in West Bank for benefit of US audience. [/B]

    … this is yet another show depicting the government and the settlers fighting each other, even though in reality they have been playing for the same team for years now; in fact, they have been cooperating outside the American window …

    What truly matters is whether the American audience members will continue to buy tickets to this play, or whether at some point in time they will get sick and tired of the show. …,7340,L-3815124,00.html


    [B]“The settlers are our brothers,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said this week.[/B]

    “The settlers are our brothers,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said this week, trying to convey their holy wrath. But let me make it clear: They are not my brothers. I don’t have any brothers like that, or sisters. …

    It’s hard to be a Jew. Recently it’s been even harder, and not because the whole world is against us, but because we are against the whole world. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was right. It’s important what Jews do – and what we did was cut ourselves off, like an errant planet that has strayed out of orbit. The settlers have cut us off. The world is looking at us through its telescope and asking “Is this Israel?” I am also asking the same question. …


    [B]American Jews eye Obama’s ‘anti-Israel’ appointees.[/B]

    Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community. …

    American Zionists are urging Obama to cancel Hagel’s appointment because of what they call a long and problematic record of hostility toward Israel. ….


    [B]US. falls short in bid to gain support for Israel’s settlement freeze. .[/B]

    …. The Russians argued that they did not agree with stating that Israel will be a Jewish State, and that the borders will be altered on the basis of “developments” on the ground, namely Israeli annexation of the large settlement blocks. ….


    [B]The European Union is set to officially call for Jerusalem to be divided and serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine.[/B]


    Settler leaders on Monday vowed not to let Civil Administration inspectors into the settlements as one of a series of protest measures they have instigated against last week’s security cabinet decision to freeze new construction projects that have not yet broken ground.


    [B]Peace Plan: Trading settler Israelis for refugee Palestinians. [/B]


    [B]EU to recognize East Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state. [/B]


    [B]Israel stripped thousands of Jerusalem Arabs of residency in 2008. [/B]

    Last year set an all-time record for the number of Arab residents of East Jerusalem who were stripped of residency rights by the Interior Ministry. Altogether, the ministry revoked the residency of 4,577 East Jerusalemites in 2008 – 21 times the average of the previous 40 years. ….

    [B]Yo Ho Pirates[/B]


    [B]EU envoys: Israel trying to sever East Jerusalem from West Bank. [/B]


    [B]Palestinian Run Over By Settler As Soldiers Look On.[/B] – Video


  5. worzzz Says:

    ‘The Freeze’ is just another scene in Israel’s masquerade.

    Prime minister conveys message of reconciliation to Judea and Samaria residents, saying settlement construction will be resumed in 10 months ‘even if Abbas says peace now.’ ….,7340,L-3815699,00.html

    Netanyahu makes final push to foil Swedish plan to divide Jerusalem.

    Israel should give up Jerusalem as its capital.


    Civil rights report details racism in Israel in all its many shades.

  6. worzzz Says:

    Construction in West Bank settlements booming despite declared freeze.

  7. worzzz Says:

    Israel OKs 1,600 new homes in east Jerusalem.

    JERUSALEM – Israel approved the construction of 1,600 new homes for Jews in disputed east Jerusalem on Tuesday — a move that immediately clouded a visit by Vice President Joe Biden aimed at repairing strained ties and kickstarting Mideast peace talks. ….

  8. worzzz Says:

    Biden condemns new Israeli settlement plan

    JERUSALEM – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden condemned a new Israeli plan to build hundreds of homes in disputed east Jerusalem on Tuesday, casting a cloud over a high-profile visit that had been aimed at repairing ties with the Jewish state and kickstarting Mideast peace talks.

    Israel’s Interior Ministry said late Tuesday that it had approved construction of 1,600 new apartments, an embarrassing setback for Biden after a day of warm meetings with top Israeli officials. …


    Biden in 2007 interview: “I am a Zionist”.,7340,L-3586542,00.html


    Once justice dwelled in Jerusalem, now settlers do

    Greater, unified Jerusalem is being torn apart. The Israeli – Jewish and Arab – capital is becoming the capital of the hallucinatory, dangerous fanatics. This is not the city of all its residents nor the capital of all its citizens. It is a sad city that belongs to its settlers, its ultra-Orthodox, its violent residents and its messiahs. …


    Thou shall not steal

    … There is a culture among some settlers that condones the theft of private property from Palestinians. We need not shy away from the moral issue here, which is stated succinctly in the Eighth Commandment: “Thou shall not steal.”..


    Is It Antisemitic To Say Zionists Control USA Foreign Policy ?


    Israel’s incessant abuse of the Palestinian people’s rights and freedoms, and its trampling on their dreams, lie behind almost every act of suicide bombing.


    U.S. is proving it wants Mideast peace – now it’s Israel’s turn.

    … Israel is not entitled to simply shrug its shoulders at the revival of the peace process – not only because its standing in the world has sunk and its relations with the United States have declined to mere diplomatic correctness. … the state must freeze construction in the settlements unequivocally and without delay. …

    … The United States said on Monday that Israel’s approval of building 112 new Jewish homes in the West Bank did not violate a limited Israeli settlement freeze but was the kind of act both sides should be cautious about as they embark on indirect peace talks. …


    Zionism Unmasked

    … Peace is a perilous ‘state’ to be avoided at any cost …

  9. worzzz Says:

    Israel humiliating Joe Biden.

    … What conceivable advantage is there in the Interior Ministry choosing the occasion of a high-profile visit by Joseph R. Biden, Jr., a mission aimed at soothing strained relations between Israel and the Obama administration, to announce the approval of 1,600 new homes for Israelis in East Jerusalem?

    Or to add, in insult to injury, that construction on the new homes could begin as soon as early May.

    What could officials here gain from what is, in effect, an Israeli version of the incitement the government so keenly – and correctly -decries in its Palestinian incarnations? …

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Vice President Joe Biden denounced a decision to authorize new Jerusalem housing starts as “undermining the trust” that he needs to advance peace while in Israel.

    J Street Condemns Jewish Building:

  10. worzzz Says:

    The U.S. will no longer turn a blind eye to Israeli settlements


    Israel’s peace process Masquerade.

    … America will finally understand that nothing will happen unless it exerts real pressure on Israel. …

    … Without preconditions, certainly without preconditions, Israel would have continued to build in the territories in the meantime – not 1,600 but 16,000 new apartments. The IDF would have continued arresting, imprisoning, humiliating and starving – all under the auspices of the peace talks, of course. …

    This is one visit Joe Biden will not quickly forget. …

    Deputy FM tells U.S.: Israel won’t make any more concessions

    Deputy FM Danny Ayalon told officials in Washington this week that sovereignty over Jerusalem was not negotiable

    Biden’s speech came two days after a row erupted between Israel and the U.S. over Israel’s announcement that it is to build 1,600 new homes in a Jewish neighbourhoood of East Jerusalem.

    The vice president and the White House both condemned the decision Tuesday, saying that it damaged chances of resuming talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority has said that talks are on hold until Israeli construction is halted in East Jerusalem, an area the Palestinians intend to make their capital.


    US Vice President Joe Biden tried to put the furor over announcement of plans to build 1,600 units in Ramat Shlomo behind him, …. ‘US has no better friend than Israel’


    Israel planning 50,000 housing units in East Jerusalem


    “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”

    Citation of David Ben-Gurion, a.k.a. David Grün (1886-1973), Israeli Prime Minister (1948-53, 1955-63) and Chief Architect of Zionist terrorism and the state of Israel; revered by Israelis as “Father of the Nation”

  11. worzzz Says:

    U.S. general: Israel-Palestinian conflict foments anti-U.S. sentiment.

    U.S. General David Petraeus said on Wednesday that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was fomenting anti-American sentiment due to the perception of U.S. favoritism towards Israel …

    Anti-Defamation League Goes After Gen. Petraeus

    … “Whenever the Israeli-Arab conflict is made a focal point, Israel comes to be seen as the problem. If only Israel would stop settlements, if only Israel would talk with Hamas, if only Israel would make concessions on refugees, if only it would share Jerusalem, everything in the region would then fall into line.

    Irrational Commentary:

  12. worzzz Says:

    Settlements have cost Israel $17 billion, study finds


    UN chief says Israeli settlements must be stopped.

    Jerusalem construction is now a national obsession.

    It is doubtful that anyone in the present administration in the White House, or anywhere in the world, has the patience or desire to get to the bottom of the motives behind the Netanyahu government. … Deception …


    Cut off the cash and Israel might behave.


    Netanyahu Faces Choice: Peace Or Settlements


    Netanyahu leaves U.S. disgraced, isolated and weaker

    … Returning to Israel today, Netanyahu will need to work hard to rehabilitate his image, knowing full well that Obama will not relent, but instead demand that he stop zigzagging and decide, once and for all, whether he stands with America or with the settlers.


    Britain has dealt a blow to Israeli arrogance,7340,L-3868352,00.html


    Despite row, U.S. and Israel sign massive arms deal.


    Nearly 300 Congress members declare commitment to ‘unbreakable’ U.S.-Israel bond


    Why Israel Always Prevails

  13. worzzz Says:

    A surgical strike on Israel’s wallet could end the occupation

    3,000 European Jewish intellectuals urge end to Israeli settlements

  14. worzzz Says:

    “By Hook and by Crook: Israeli Settlement Policy in the West Bank“.

  15. worzzz Says:

    Olmert: Bush would have taken in 100,000 refugees to clinch peace deal.

    Former prime minister Ehud Olmert said yesterday that the Bush administration had assured him in 2008 that the United States would be willing to grant 100,000 Palestinian refugees immediate American citizenship, if Israel were to have reached a permanent settlement with the Palestinian Authority. ….


    Netanyahu hints settlement freeze unlikely


    Poll: Most Americans against joining Israel in Iran strike.


    The Jewish Lobby – A Ferocious Beast.

    … on June 12 Mr Carlton said that the previous column had led to ”hundreds of Jewish emailers” responding to him. He added: ”It is a ferocious beast, the Jewish lobby. Write just one sentence even mildly critical of Israel and it lunges from its lair, fangs bared.” And: ”The Israel lobby, worldwide, is orchestrated in Jerusalem by a department in the Prime Minister’s office.”

    In the item on June 19, Mr Carlton wrote: ”With bottomless irony, the Jewish lobby spent much of last week assuring anybody who would listen that there is no such thing as the Jewish lobby.”

    Jewish Studies.


    The Destruction of the Mamilla Cemetery:

    The final few acres were dug up just before the beginning of Ramadan, in the middle of the night so that Israel can build the Museum of Tolerance in conjunction with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in the United States.

    The Ma’man Allah (Mamilla) Cemetery was the oldest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem with graves dating back to the seventh century, comprised of 33 acres and tens of thousands of graves.


    Israel Denies Gazans Access to Their Own Land and Waters.


    Jewish Funders Network.

    … the number of Jewish foundations and individual funders has grown – more than doubling in total assets over the past seven years to approximately $30 billion in the United States alone …

    … Plenty of resources to dominate America’s governance …..


    Israel’s omniscient ears – Unit 8200

    Israel’s Urim base in the Negev desert is among the most important and powerful intelligence gathering sites in the world. Yet, until now, its eavesdropping has gone entirely unmentioned

    Israel’s most important intelligence-gathering installation is only a 30km drive into the Negev desert from Beersheba prison – where those taking part in the Gaza aid flotilla were briefly detained this June. The base, hidden until now, has rows of satellite dishes that covertly intercept phone calls, emails and other communications from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Its antennas monitor shipping and would have spied on the aid ships in the days before they were seized.

    Israel’s powerful position in the Middle East is often associated with its armed forces, nuclear weapons arsenal or covert (Mossad) operatives. But just as important is its intelligence gathering – monitoring governments, international organisations, foreign companies, political organisations and individuals. ….

  16. worzzz Says:

    Settlers plan burst of quick, ‘light’ construction as freeze nears end.

    Outpost homes planned using cheap, environmentally friendly methods that enable building a house in two months or less for less than NIS 200,000.

    There are an estimated 2,000-2,200 housing units in the territories that have all the necessary approvals in order to begin construction.


    Settler leaders accuse U.S. President of ‘unacceptable intervention’ in Israel’s affairs; call Netanyahu to resume building in West Bank settlements. …

    “Hussein Obama is an arrogant and racist politician, who probably thinks, out of ignorance, that Israel is another dictatorship, like the rest of the countries in the Middle East.” …

    The settlements are deemed by the World Court to be illegal, a finding disputed by Israel. Palestinians fear the enclaves will deny them a viable and contiguous country.


    ‘J-Street’ presses Bibi on Settlement freeze.

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — J Street called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze settlement growth in a major newspaper ad blitz.

    “Israel’s long-term security and its survival as the democratic, national home of the Jewish people depend on the success of these talks,” …


    Measure urging Israel to join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty rebuffed; outcome of close vote seen as a diplomatic victory for the U.S., Israel.


    Israel presses UN to stall debate on ‘biased’ Gaza flotilla report.


    Next war will be harsh,7340,L-3959417,00.html



    Russian Jewish leader urges textbook pulled.

    MOSCOW (JTA) — A Russian Jewish leader urged the head of Moscow State University to take steps to drop a history textbook considered by many to be anti-Semitic. … It provides the percentage of Jews in former Soviet governments. ….

  17. worzzz Says:

    Settlements are a moral, political and strategic disaster ….


    Dozens of Arab families may be evicted from East Jerusalem neighborhood under court ruling.

    Judges reject appeal by Palestinians claiming to own a large plot in the western portion of Sheikh Jarrah, enabling settlers to move ahead with plans to build in the area.


    UN panel: Israel suppressing footage of Gaza flotilla raid.

    Member of the UN Human Rights Council’s fact-finding mission says Israel is trying maintain a monopoly over its version of the deadly May 31 events aboard the Turkish aid ship Mavi Marmara.


    Helen Thomas Interview.


    Jewish Power Declares War on Obama

  18. worzzz Says:

    The Settlement Freeze and the Peace Process Freeze [video]

  19. worzzz Says:

    Netanyahu rejects U.S. guarantees in exchange for renewing settlement freeze.

    … Enough already … The guy is a crook . … We all know it. …

    Just terminate all aid to Israel … Israel is a huge burden – not an asset.

  20. worzzz Says:

    Only by agreeing to extend the settlement freeze will Netanyahu show that he is committed to negotiations and an agreement, and is capable of leading.

    …. Netanyahu, however, is entrenched in his stance. He is making it clear that the stability of his coalition and the expansion of settlements are more important to him than U.S. government support, and even far-reaching security guarantees that the prime minister himself has demanded in the past from Obama.

    Netanyahu’s position raises great doubt as to whether his intention of attaining a “two states for two peoples” solution is honest and serious – perhaps all his peace talk has been designed to deflect international pressure from Israel, while it continues to hold on to the territories. ….


    Dear Prime Minister: U.S. Efforts to Keep the Peace Process on Track – Obama’s Offer to Israel:

    … the draft letter guarantees that Washington will not ask for a moratorium extension beyond sixty days. Rather, the future of settlements is to be settled at the table as part of territorial negotiations.

    Second, the draft letter promises that the United States will veto any UN Security Council initiative — Arab or otherwise — relating to Arab-Israeli peace during the agreed one-year negotiating period.

    Third, Washington pledged to accept the legitimacy of existing Israeli security needs and not seek to redefine them. In this context, the draft letter explicitly mentions the need to ensure a complete ban on the smuggling of rockets, mortars, arms, and related items, as well as the infiltration of terrorists into Israel. This touches on one of the most sensitive aspects of negotiations: averting infiltration into Israel from the eastern border of a Palestinian state.

    In this context, the draft letter offers to help maintain a transitional period for Jordan Valley security that is longer than any other aspect of a negotiated peace — an apparent allusion to keeping Israeli troops in that region for an extended period of time.

    Finally, Washington pledges to engage Israel and Arab states in discussions of a “regional security architecture,” addressing the need for more consultations on Iran. Although such a structure would not be formalized until a peace deal is reached, the United States would begin preparing the groundwork in advance.

    These efforts would not constitute commitments on the part of the PA or Arab states, but they would be important for Israel as unambiguous articulations of U.S. policy, which could in turn bear heavily on how the peace talks unfold.

    Finally, the draft letter explicitly discusses the need to enhance Israel’s defense capabilities in the event that the parties reach security arrangements. Even if a security deal fails to materialize, Washington’s offer creates the baseline for Israel’s defense needs in a post-peace era. These needs reportedly include a range of missile systems and aircraft (e.g., additional F-35s), layered missile defense, and multiplatform early warning means, including satellites.

    The Obama administration realizes that these needs would mean an unspecified increase in U.S. security assistance to Israel once a peace agreement is concluded.


    With Emanuel and Axelrod gone, will the Jews have access to Obama?

    “Rahm (Emanuel) was not running Middle East policy,” Diament said. “Dennis Ross and Dan Shapiro are still there.” ….

    Susan Sher, is still on the job — as chief of staff to Michelle Obama, the first lady, she occupies a fairly senior post. …

    …. Obama decided he needed Ross’s expertise on the Middle East inside the White House. …

    Israeli officials have long preferred to bypass the State Department and peace envoys, and deal directly with a senior official in the White House. Former officials from Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s administrations said the Israelis think that the White House ultimately makes foreign policy and are convinced that the State Department is too pro-Arab. ….


    Exodus of Jewish Advisors from Obama White House Likely Not an Omen of Good Things to Come

    Shortly after Emmanuel’s announcement, the political world was rocked to hear that–literally within days of each other–Emmanuel’s colleagues, namely David Axelrod (Obama’s Chief Political Advisor) and Larry Summers (Chief Economic Advisor) announced they were leaving as well

    … “We, the Jewish people, are turning our backs on you Mr. President and are walking away.” …


    The State of Israel will give Intel a grant of NIS 741 million ($203 million) to expand its microchip factory in Kiryat Gat, and in return Intel will be obligated to invest $2.7 billion in Israel, Calcalist reported Monday.

    The company will be obligated to increase the number of its employees from 570 to 3,100 and add fifty staff members to its research and development center in Jerusalem.,7340,L-3964054,00.html

    … Enticing Intel’s R&D labs to move from the US to Israel … harms American technological innovation …


  21. worzzz Says:

    Construction in full swing just days after freeze.

    High Stakes:

    …. If Netanyahu does not cooperate with Obama, the United States will advance a forced arrangement that would return Israel to the 1967 lines in a hasty, dangerous procedure with possibly disastrous consequences. …


    For Netanyahu to accept new freeze, U.S. might have to sweeten the deal.


    Netanyahu backs plan to make prospective citizens swear loyalty to ‘Jewish state’.

    Every non-Jew wishing to be granted Israeli citizenship will have to declare loyalty to “the State of Israel as a Jewish democratic state”, under a proposal to be presented for cabinet approval on Sunday.

    The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a formal statement of policy by the British government stating that

    “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

    Note: 20% of Israel’s residents are non-jewish


    Did Israel ever consider using nuclear weapons?

    Newly declassified documents shine a light on the deliberations of Israel’s leaders during the early days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. …

    the documents released this week do not confirm them, but possibly only hint at them through portions blacked out by the military censor – this would be neither the first nor the last time Israel’s leaders have discussed their so-called “doomsday weapons.” …

    In 1991, Israel again reportedly considered using atomic weapons in response to the Scud missile attacks launched by Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. …

  22. worzzz Says:

    Obama says new Israeli home construction harms peace efforts.

    …. On Monday, Israel gave the go-ahead to construction of 1,300 new homes in East Jerusalem, a decision met with a hailstorm of disapproval from around the world. ….,0,5025612.story

    Netanyahu Rejects Obama Criticism of East Jerusalem Construction Planning.
    … Israel captured east Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 Middle East war and later annexed it in a move never recognized internationally. …

    “Israel is determined to demonstrate that settlement expansion is more of a priority to it than peace talks.” …


    Netanyahu speaks at the GA 2010 in New Orleans.


    The Jewish Voice for Peace.

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