Israelis dislike Obama


Why do Israelis dislike Barack Obama?




This week, it was the turn of former American Jewish Congress national director Henry Siegman. Noting opinion polls showing that a bare six to eight percent of the Israeli public supports Barack Obama, Siegman concludes that the dislike for Obama is a reflection not of the president’s policies, but of something essential – and fundamentally defective – in the Israeli people itself:

“The Israeli reaction to serious peacemaking efforts is nothing less than pathological,” Siegman writes …

… “the reason for this unprecedented Israeli hostility toward an American president is a fear that President Obama is serious about ending Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.” …

Siegman doesn’t merely think that Israelis are mistaken. He loathes them. In his reading, they are venal, deceitful, the source of the conflict and the obstruction to its solution. In Siegman’s reading “the conflict continues because U.S. presidents … have accommodated a pathology that can only be cured by its defiance.” …


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  1. worzzz Says:


    Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Chuck Hagel as Intelligence Aide. (Snips)

    The Israel Lobby is upset about Obama’s choice of advisers: Chuck Hagel, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samantha Power, and Charles Freeman.

    Hagel, who once criticized President George W. Bush for refusing to meet with Yasser Arafat, has questioned the loyalty of American Jews who support Israel, stating that “the political reality is that … the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here.”

    >>> Attaboy Obama!


    US Report Criticizes Israel’s Jewish Character. (Snips)

    ( In its 2009 International Religious Freedoms Report, the U.S. State Department accuses Israel of “governmental and legal discrimination against non-Jews and non-Orthodox streams of Judaism.” The JewishIsrael organization, in its review of the document, calls it a “protracted denunciation against Israel’s Jewish character.” …

    International Religious Freedom Report 2009: (Snips)

    … The Government implements some policies based on Orthodox Jewish interpretations of religious law which thereby discriminates against citizens adhering to other religious groups. … the Government does not allow civil marriages … interfaith marriages must take place abroad in order to be recognized by the Government. …
    … public buses in every city except Haifa did not operate on Saturday … The law permits the Government to subsidize approximately 60 percent of the expenses incurred by ultra-Orthodox Jewish religious schools … The Government funds the construction of Jewish synagogues and cemeteries …

    Although identification cards do not carry a religion or nationality designation, the Interior Ministry distinguishes between Jews and non-Jews on identification cards by printing the birth date of Jews in Hebrew letters according to the Jewish calendar while listing that of others according to the Gregorian calendar. …

    the country’s public transportation system, continued to operate sex-segregated busses along inter- and intra-city routes frequented by ultra-Orthodox Jews. Women who refused to sit at the back of such busses risked harassment and physical assault by male passengers. …

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