Focus on AIPAC

AIPAC’s Power Base. (Snips)

Our entire government is controlled by Israel! Through a small, rich and powerful Jewish supported pro-Israeli tax-exempt lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or simply AIPAC, virtually all American domestic and foreign policy is now being controlled by a foreign government entanglement. This is done by targeting American politicians: those who are pro-Israel receive campaign funding and favorable publicity through a myriad of Jewish organizations, magnified by the liberal and Democratic Party-leaning American press; those politicians not favoring policies benefiting Israel are targeted by Jews all over America who send money to help finance that politician’s opponent. ….

“WINEP, being a wing of AIPAC, is enormously influential in Washington. State Department and military personnel are actually detailed there to ‘learn’ about ‘the Middle East’! ….

AIPAC and the neoconservative Likudniks in the Pentagon and in the Bush administration today represent the greatest threat to world peace. They are plotting to ignite hostilities that could ratchet up to World War III. …


American Election: An Illusion of Democracy. (Snips) …

 It has become obvious to more people the great effect the Israeli Lobby (AIPAC) has on determining who the American president is, and what foreign policy he adopts even though such policies harm the interest of the American people. This Israeli Lobby should be called by its real name; the Zionist Lobby, for politicians serving the interests of this lobby do not necessarily have to be Israelis or Jews as Vice President candidate Joe Biden put it: “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”. …

The road to the White House goes through this Zionist Israeli Lobby. At the podium of this lobby every candidate must pledge unconditional allegiance and service to Israel … Every candidate must visit Israel and pay homage to Israeli myths at Yad Vashem in order to receive the blessing of American Jewish financiers …


Can J Street sideline AIPAC?

Speak Truth to Power. (snips) …

“The first duty of any president is to protect America’s best interests. I have to tell you very frankly that it would not be in America’s best interests to go on giving unconditional support to an Israel that had been shown itself to be the obstacle to peace — …§ion=opinion

Judge allows Rosen lawsuit agains AIPAC. (snips)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A judge is allowing Steve Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against AIPAC to go ahead. In a decision handed down Oct. 30 and made available on Tuesday, Judge Jeanette Clark of the District of Columbia Superior Court narrowed the scope of Rosen’s suit against his former employer; it rests now on a single statement Patrick Dorton, a contracted spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs Commiteee, made to the New York Times on March 3, 2008. At that time, Dorton alleged that Rosen, AIPAC’s former foreign policy chief, had been fired in March 2005 because he “did not comport with standards that AIPAC expects of its employees.” …

AIPAC urges House to pass anti-Goldstone legislation. (snips)



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13 Responses to “Focus on AIPAC”

  1. worzzz Says:

    We must keep this AIPAC topic alive. Let NO ONE DARE FORGET IT”. We must bring it up frequently, just like the Holocaust screamers do. And we MUST NOT REST until AIPAC is required to register as a “Foreign Agent”.

  2. worzzz Says:

    Declassified FBI file: AIPAC staffer spied for Israel. (Snips)

    A newly declassified Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) file indicates that an Israeli intelligence agent was among the staff members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). …

    Department of Defense Employee Col. Lawrence Franklin who was indicted along with the AIPAC workers in 2005, however, pleaded guilty to the charges, admitting that he had provided classified information about Iran to two AIPAC employees.

    Apparently the Israeli agent had promised to facilitate the appointment of (US. Rep. Jane Harman , California) as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in exchange for the information.

    It is widely believed that the 1984 and 2005 espionage incidents were not isolated events.

    As part of a defamation lawsuit he has launched against AIPAC, Rosen intends to show that obtaining and leveraging classified US government information in the service of Israel is common practice at AIPAC.

    He claims it was unfair for AIPAC to fire and smear him in the press after he was indicted on espionage charges in 2005. AIPAC lawyers, however, are hoping to get the case thrown out on technicalities before it goes to trial in early 2010.

    AIPAC, considered the most powerful and connected lobbying group in Washington, is known for the influence that it holds over US foreign policy.

    Former US president Jimmy Carter has also accused AIPAC of putting a great deal of pressure on politicians running for office who do not share AIPAC goals.

  3. worzzz Says:

    Judge allows Rosen AIPAC lawsuit.

    A judge is allowing Steve Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against AIPAC to go ahead. …

  4. worzzz Says:

    Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy by Grant F Smith (Author). (Snips)

    … the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Israeli embassy conducted a spectacular clandestine operation against American industries and workers; it has so far cost the US economy $71 billion and a hundred thousand jobs each year by shutting down or diverting US exports. …

    … citing more than hundred specific sources including files the FBI only recently declassified. It is written in a commendably easy to read style, organized into short concise chapters that cover several critical topics including: Israeli arms smuggling; the history of the Israeli Lobby; how the Israeli lobby subverts the investigation of commercial espionage against American firms by Israeli agents; Jonathan Pollard’s treason; the harmful role played by AIPAC in advancing Israeli interests at the expense of the United States. …


    AIPAC Received Classified US Trade Docs from Israeli Embassy – Irmep. (Snips)

    WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A FBI file reveals the Israeli embassy passed stolen classified US government information to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In 1984 Israel and AIPAC jointly lobbied Congress to secure preferential Israeli access to the US market against widespread American industry opposition.

    The declassified FBI report may be downloaded from the Israel Lobby Archive at:

    … The declassified files, their historical context, and long term impact on jobs and exports are detailed in the new book “Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy.” “Spy Trade” also analyzes AIPAC’s long history of guidance and material support from the Israeli government.

    Under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) organizations acting as agents of foreign principals in a political capacity in the US must openly declare their relationships to the FARA registration unit of the Counterespionage Section of the U.S. Department of Justice. …


    Goldstonewalled! US Congress endorses Israeli war crimes. (Snips)

    “It is part of morality not to be at home in one’s home.”

    On the afternoon of November 3, 2009, the United States House of Representatives voted in favor of House Resolution 867 (H.Res.867), an AIPAC-backed bill that urges both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict,” referred to commonly as the “Goldstone Report.”

  5. worzzz Says:

    Pro-Israel lobby group bankrolling Tories, film claims.

    50% of MPs in the shadow cabinet are ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ members, according to Channel 4’s Dispatches

    Conservative Friends of Israel – UK

    … According to their website, “over two thirds” of Conservative MPs were members of Conservative Friends of Israel in 2006. – In 2009, at least half of the shadow cabinet were members of the group according to a Dispatches documentary.


    The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion.


    CENTRALIZING POWER INTO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH is yet another ploy of the powerful Zionist-Jewish network in America to consolidate their influence-peddling into a single power bloc. ….

  6. worzzz Says:

    …. According to anti-lobbyist groups in the US such as ‘Common Cause,’ AIPAC gives money to over 90 percent of US Members of Congress and has virtual control over every congressional committees and subcommittees that is responsible for making foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Although some members of AIPAC have been charged and convicted of spying for Israel, the lobby group continues to function and influence policy decisions in the US unhindered. …


    Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby


    Britain must de-Zionise Itself Immediately by Gilad Atzmon (Snips)

    …. The Guardian reported today that two years ago a controversial study by American academics Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer explored the influence of the Israel lobby over US foreign policy “but Britain’s pro-Israel organisations have been subjected to far too less scrutiny.” …

  7. worzzz Says:

    The Israel Lobby – Mearsheimer at MIT:

    Israel Propaganda – Hasbara:   

    Hasbara HandbooK:

    ‘Israel Project’ Training book:

    Words that work – Luntz:

    AIPAC‘s Publications:

    AIPAC’s Briefing Book:

    Israel Lobby UK:

    CAMERA on Campus – Manual:

    Jewish Council for Public Affairs:

    18 Points:

    Stop AIPAC:

    Mearsheimer Article:

    Mearsheimer Transcript:

    Israel Lobby – Videos:

  8. worzzz Says:

    Conservative Friends of Israel CFI) – The Israel Lobby in the UK.

    … A Nov 2009 Dispatches documentary claimed that now around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI and described them as “beyond doubt the most well- connected and probably the best funded of all Westminster lobbying groups”. …

    Israel Trips – Conservative Friends of Israel


    European Friends of Israel (EFI) – The Israel Lobby of Europe.

    2008: The organization, “European Friends of Israel,” already has 150 members from the European Parliament. The body is backed financially by Jewish businessmen.

    Lobby members decided to make their activities as a pan-European lobby official and to network Israel supporters among members of the European Parliament and in national parliaments where no such lobby currently exists. The organization also aims to strengthen ties between existing pro-Israel groups across the continent and to help to improve Israel’s image in Europe.

    The opening event will host Knesset members from Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry gave its blessing to the formation of the organization and instructed its European embassies to assist and cooperate with it. Officials in the Foreign Ministry said that it is an important initiative in light of the current relationship between Israel and the European Union.

    Michel Gur-Ari, head of the organization, said that the lobby intends to help transform Europe into an ally of Israel.

  9. worzzz Says:

    The Pro-Israel lobby in Britain: full text


    AIPAC, Mearsheimer and Walt contend, “has a stranglehold on Congress.” With a $47 million a year budget and more than 100 full-time staffers, it is no doubt a formidable advocate for Israel’s interests. …

    In the past Israel has supplied arms and training to: the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia for its genocide of 200,000 East Timorese; the Nicaraguan contras for its killing of at least 50,000 oppositionists; Chile’s Pinochet dictatorship; the military dictatorships of Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, and the list goes on.

    But Israel’s role as America’s bully-for-hire is not just a thing of the Cold War past—though the statute of limitations on prosecuting these crimes against humanity should never run out. …

  10. worzzz Says:

    Britain’s Channel 4 exposes ‘power’ of pro-Israel lobby.


    Is the Israel lobby doing more harm than good?

    [Ref:] .. the documentary on Channel 4 this week – “Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby” ….

    … You’d have to be particularly ill-informed to be surprised that well-connected, pro-Israeli groups try to lobby the main British political parties and that wealthy individuals connected to such groups donate large sums to the parties and many members of Parliament. It’s also well known that they also fly many MPs over to Israel on fact-finding visits and that some believe that this influences these politicians’ attitudes and their parties’ policies regarding Israel and the Middle East conflict. Hardly surprising. …

    the real problem with today’s Israel lobby, in Britain and the United States, is not with its finances and their lack of transparency but with its entire mind-set. The basic fact is that by its actions, the lobby is now causing Israel more harm than good. That’s the point Oborne almost totally missed. On every level – moral, political, diplomatic, economic, military and religious – this country is being rapidly corrupted and damaged by the continuing occupation of the West Bank. By granting blanket support to all policies of whatever Israeli government happens to be in power, and by branding critics of these policies as either self-hating Jews or anti-Semites, they’re contributing to Israel’s siege mentality and delaying the day when Israelis will finally realize that there’s only one practical and ethical alternative.

    In this sense at least, Oborne was right to make the connection between the political lobbying and the relentless pressure on the media which has totally blurred the lines between legitimate criticism and real bias. These knee-jerk reactions to any form of criticism have become so second nature to the Israel lobbyists that they’re now trying to stifle debate even within the Israeli media. Their shrill reactions to the eyewitness accounts of soldiers who fought in Gaza and were brave enough to say that the IDF did not always act there as “the most moral army in the world” are a good example.


    Community Security Trust.


    The new Israel lobby in Canada —

    the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) — has enormous power, derived from abundant resources, corporate connections, political associations, elaborate and able organization and a cadre of dedicated activists. …

    Since its inception several years ago, this hard-line lobby has used its power, first, to gain political hegemony and impose ideological conformity on the matter of Israel within a heretofore diverse Jewish community, and second, to influence government decisions and shape public opinion regarding Israel — ostensibly in the name of all Canadian Jewry. From the outset, a primary focus of this lobby’s attentions has been the university campus, alleged centre of anti-Israel sentiment, conveniently construed as anti-semitism. …

    According to the Forward, one observer described the CIJA’s incorporation of the CJC and the CIC as a “hostile takeover,” while another told the Toronto Star that it amounted to a “coup d’état by powerful financial interests bent on cementing their control over Jewish advocacy activities in the country,” adding that “these guys are used to getting their way.” “This is a group of self-appointed people who have very little linkage with the Jewish [masses] and they have private agendas of their own,” Thomas Hecht, former Quebec chair of the CIC, pointed out. …

    “The underlying theme is a total centralization of Jewish thought, opinion, and messaging. It’s an attempt to silence the activists in our community.” … a hijacking of Jewish identity in Canada by a well heeled and politically well connected cabal of zealots. …

  11. worzzz Says:

    The Protocols:

    Forgery or not … The ‘Israel Lobby’ has implemented most of ‘The Protocols’.

    Check it out here:

  12. worzzz Says:

    Intimidation at the New York Times: How the Israel Lobby Silenced 2 Leading Columnists.

  13. worzzz Says:

    TONIGHT: Senate Will Pass AIPAC’s Iran Sanctions Bill To Undercut Obama.

    It appears that the 800 pound gorilla that is AIPAC has been eating regular. The Senate is prepared to vote tonight — under super expedited procedure — on AIPAC’s legislation that would impose onerous sanction on Iran, cutting the legs out of the President’s diplomatic strategy.
    Note. This is being done in the dark of night although, on the good side, it takes only one senator to stop it (and he or she can do it anonymously). …

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — J Street has endorsed congressional legislation imposing sanctions on Iran’s energy industry. ….

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