Netanyahu – sowing Fear!

Netanyahu – sowing fear.

The entire world is against us. Yes, it’s true. ….
Level-headed politicians seek to calm the public. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing everything in order to frighten it. This can be explained in one of two ways: Either this is a cynical, calculated ploy by a man who believes scaremongering is a good way to stay in power, much like the strategy used by insurance companies, which would only be a minor worry; or this is simply the product of the Zeitgeist – which would then be cause for concern about the judgment of an individual motivated by fear. Such a person is destined to take desperate measures. ….

If in Jerusalem sits a leader whose hallucinations bring him to believe that the state is facing an existential threat, this is a recipe for disaster. There is no existential threat – political or military – facing Israel, and a prime minister who conjures such a threat in his imagination is liable to pose a great danger. Because these are our leaders: either they stupefy us with their delusions (“time is on our side”) or they terrorize us. What about having a prime minister who is sober and balanced for a change? …

Netanyahu has said in the past that the “demographic threat” posed by Israeli Arabs is the worst threat facing us. Let’s put aside the fact that the prime minister views citizens of his country as a threat. What is he doing to neutralize this imaginary threat? He’s intensifying the Arabs’ sense of humiliation while pushing them even further toward the extremist elements.





Obama cancels Jewish Communities GA address.

(Snips)Despite being slated to speak at the United Jewish Communities General Assembly on Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama said on Sunday that he will instead be attending a memorial service for the American soldiers recently killed at Fort Hood, Texas.

White House officials said that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will address the 3,000 prominent Jewish guests from around the world expected to attend the assembly, instead of the president.

U.S. officials said that the President will meet with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu in a last-minute meeting on Monday, before heading to Texas for the memorial ceremony. …


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