CIA & FBI suspect Israel of massive spying

CIA, FBI paranoid about Israel’s Mossad and Jews.

 …. “They believe that the Mossad spied on the US on a huge scale and they believe that the Pollard case was the tip of some sort of iceberg,” ….


One Response to “CIA & FBI suspect Israel of massive spying”

  1. worzzz Says:

    AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released.;_ylc=X3oDMTB0azViYnFoBF9TAzIxNTExMDUEZW1haWxJZAMxMjY4MjQ4Mzgy

    AIPAC seeks ‘crippling’ sanctions against Iran.

    Tel Aviv: possibility of using ‘force’ against Iran currently being discussed by US, Israel.

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