Obama’s Jews … Hebrewnomics.

….  It had to be pretty difficult to put together a more Judaized presidential administration than even Bill Clinton, but Obama has managed to do so.  … the two major political parties don’t matter much these days because the Jewish plutocrats, Jewish political machine, Jewish mass-media complex, and Jewish legal complex has both of them almost entirely locked down. ….

I estimate that at least 1/5-1/3 of Obama’s Cabinet plus important personnel posts are of ethnic Jewish ancestry, and that is probably a fairly low estimate. If one counts all of the aides, assistants, assistants of assistants, deputies, backups, right-hand (wo)men, lawyers, advisers, and other high to mid-level bureaucrats the number of ethnic Jews in the Obama Administration might actually be closer to 40-50% as in some recent administrations, as these aides and assistants are the individuals who often wield the real power because they do so much of the real work behind the scenes, far away from the glaring cameras of the (disproportionately Jewish) presscorp.

Other ostensibly non-Jewish Cabinet and personnel members no doubt married a Jew (which is common amongst the American political class: Washington DC-Northern Virginia-Maryland is an extremely Jewish region) or have partial Jewish ancestry which no one is publicly aware of. …



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One Response to “Hebrewnomics”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Jewish People Policy Planning Institute.


    The following is a list of ten possible principles that
    might be included in a Jewish People grand strategy for
    the 21st century:
    1. Increase the “hard power” of the Jewish People,
    mainly by helping Israel strengthen its military capacities.
    2. Increase the political influence of the Jewish People
    with action that is appropriate for local conditions. The
    American Jewish community’s experience can be a model.
    In European Union countries this requires integrated action
    of Jewish communities distributed among the member
    states far above present levels.
    3. Increase the “soft power” of the Jewish People by
    building up its image as a powerful and high-quality civilizational
    4. Influence Jewish economic activities so as to try to
    ensure the long term thriving of the Jewish people as well
    as to benefit local economic considerations.
    5. Make careful distinctions between what is conducive
    to long-term survival and thriving in real political terms
    and what is “politically correct”. Give priority to the first.
    Thus, good relations with China and Turkey are much more
    critical than concern about Tibet and Armenian history.
    6. Craft grand strategies to build up relations with emerging
    super-power China and increasingly powerful global
    actors such as India, Russia, and the European Union.
    7. Develop a multi-layer grand strategy towards Islamic
    actors: cooperation and dialogue with peaceful actors;
    stern action against the aggressive ones.
    8. Adopt a forward stance towards global governance
    institutions such as the United Nations and the International
    Court of Justice. Press for justice: blame countries for
    human rights violations, demand punitive action against
    countries defying UN Security Council Resolution 1701
    (prohibiting rearmament of Hezbollah). Play an increasing
    role in global governance redesign.
    9. Build up and strengthen Jewish People crisis management
    capacities to cope with issues such as multi-target
    acts of terror.
    10. Improve the Diaspora understanding of the Israel-
    Palestinian, Israel-Arab and Israel-Iran conflict. A great
    deal of current Diaspora (and Israeli) thinking and action

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