Israeli Assassins In Dubai

Israel struggling to mend tarnished image


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  1. worzzz Says:

    Israel struggling to mend tarnished image


    Britain ‘knew Mossad was using fake passports for Dubai hit’.

    … Israeli agents tipped off British intelligence that they were going to carry out an ‘overseas operation’ using fake British passports before assassinating a Hamas official in Dubai, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. …

    Alleged hit squad trained in art of deception. – Kidon

    Interpol issues 11 warrants for alleged killers; Dubai “99% sure” Mossad did it.

    …. The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen warned that if Israel had used British passports for “nefarious” purposes – meaning sending Mabhouh to his Maker – Bowen expected, or would it be more accurate to say, hoped for, “a crisis” in relations between London and Jerusalem. …


    Five Israelis wake up as named ‘Dubai assassins’.

    …. Once again, an assassination of a senior Hamas leader in a friendly Arab country; once again, an operation designed to kill someone quietly and inconspicuously; once again, a diplomatic mess; and once again, it is all happening on Netanyahu’s watch. ….

    U.K. summons Israel envoy over passports used in Hamas killing.

    …. “The defrauding of British passports is a very serious issue,” a statement from the Foreign Office released Wednesday read. “The government will continue to take all the action that is necessary to protect British nationals from identity fraud.” …


    Germany, France also request Israeli answers on Dubai fake passports.


  2. worzzz Says:

    German passport tied to Dubai hit wasn`t forged.

    German intelligence services investigating the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai have found that one of the suspected members of the assassination team carried a genuine German passport, according to reports Saturday in German media outlets, including Der Speigel.

    According to the findings of German federal investigators, in June 2008 an Israeli man named Michael Bodenheimer – who shares the name of an Israeli whose identity was used in the Dubai operation – came to immigration officials in Cologne with the pre-World War II address of his grandparents. Bodenheimer acquired German citizenship on the basis of this data. ….,1518,678805,00.html

  3. worzzz Says:

    PM Netanyahu approved Dubai assassination in early January.

    … “Dubai police have information confirming that the suspects purchased travel tickets from companies in other countries with credit cards carrying the same names we have publicized …

    “All assassinations, wherever they come from, whoever ordered them should be condemned,”

    ‘Dubai assassins used diplomatic passports’

    British ministers believe the forged U.K. passports used by the team accused of assassinating Mabhouh were secretly copied at Ben-Gurion airport, the British daily telegraph reported earlier Sunday.

    … The German passport was issued on June 18, 2009. That document was used by one of the assassination suspects in Dubai on January 19, a day before the killing. …

    … There have been dozens of assassination missions, from the 1979 killing of Ali Hassan Salameh in Beirut to Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination in 2008 (which Israel never claimed responsibility for) and other successful intelligence operations attributed to Israel. …

    Over the past decade the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has adopted Israeli methods of targeted killings; …

  4. worzzz Says:

    … Dubai police now say up to 18 suspects used altered British, Irish, French and German passports before the killing. Officials said today that at least two more fraudulent Irish passports had been linked to the killing and that some of the suspects had visited the city on a reconnaissance mission.

    Tamim described the murder as “no longer a local issue, but a security issue for European countries”.
    David Miliband, the foreign secretary, and his Irish counterpart, Michael Martin, are both due to meet the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, tomorrow in Brussels, where the passports issue is certain to be raised. …

    … Israel’s Foreign Minister Lieberman told his Irish colleague that there is no evidence indicating Israeli involvement in the assassination of Hamas terror chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh last month. ….

    … “The EU strongly condemns the fact that those involved in this action [assassination] used fraudulent EU member states’ passports and credit cards acquired through the theft of EU citizens’ identities,” …

    How will we respond should Israel’s Mossad decide to target our own politicians who dare not to toe Israel’s paranoid ideology .…

  5. worzzz Says:

    Long history of Israel’s ‘covert killing’

    Timeline of the assassination of Hamas military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh and its aftermath.

    26 Suspects.,7340,L-3854035,00.html

    More Israeli names on new list of Dubai suspects

    Haaretz probe: Dubai assassins’ passport photos were doctored

    …. The Australian foreign minister at the time, Alexander Downer, confirmed to ‘The Australian’ that his government had warned Israel on at least one occasion not to issue fake Australian passports to its intelligence operatives. …

    … From now on, it will be much more difficult to use such passports, and all Israelis with dual passports will be suspected of being intelligence agents. … Is criticism by countries whose passports were falsified just for the record, or will it limit operatives’ freedom of action in other hits? Will the affair increase Israel’s international isolation and present it once again as a lawless state? …

    Israel has nothing to worry about over Dubai killing.

    Livni on Dubai hit: A dead terrorist is good news

  6. worzzz Says:

    ‘U.K. police in Israel to probe passports used in Dubai hit’

    …. police had “categorical DNA proof on one of the assassins” and fingerprint evidence from several other suspects, providing “100 percent” proof of their identities …


    The killers of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh drugged him before suffocating him.

    Report: Alleged Dubai assassins entered U.S.

    The 26 alleged assassins used fraudulent passports from Britain, Ireland, Australia, Germany and France, and reportedly scattered to several countries in the days following the murder.

  7. worzzz Says:

    Hamas man ‘drugged and suffocated’ in Dubai

    The Hamas commander who was killed in his Dubai hotel room was drugged and then suffocated, according to results of forensic tests released by police. .. The killers used the drug succinylcholine, a rapid onset muscle paralyzing agent. …

    … in 1987, the Israelis promised Britain that it would not use British passports in secret operations again. …

    Long history of Israel’s ‘covert killing’

    Israel-U.S. startup linked to Dubai hit.

    Police claim 13 suspects in the assassination of Hamas use cards issued by Tel Aviv-based firm …

  8. worzzz Says:

    New Details of Elaborate Dubai Assassination Emerge.

  9. worzzz Says:

    Poland’s prisoner dilemma

    Having to reconcile between its obligation to extradite an alleged Mossad agent to Germany and its commitment to fight terrorism, Poland now finds itself in an awkward position.


    Germany condemns Israel’s refusal to allow minister into Gaza.

    Germany condemned on Sunday Israel’s decision to deny entry to German Development Aid Minister Dirk Niebel into the Gaza Strip, calling it a “grave mistake.”

    … Niebel said that he hopes to visit the German-funded water purification plant located in the Gaza Strip. He expressed his outrage over Israel’s decision …,7340,L-3907973,00.html

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