Word Corruption

Israel’s Word Corruption:

Aggression = Defense.

26 foot high concrete Wall = Fence.

Apartheid = Democracy.

Nuclear threat = applies to Arabs only, not Israel.

Ethnic blockade = Necessary protection measures.

Endless Land grab = peace.

Perpetrator = Victim.

Oppression = Liberation.

Regime Change = Spreading Democracy.

Propaganda = Education.

Lies = Truth.

War = Peace.

Theft = Restitution “God gave it to me!”

Ethnic cleansing = Justifiable punishment.

Holocaust = a national tin-rattling culture .

Doubter = Denier.

Resistance fighter = Terrorist.

Congressional junkets = Educational Travel.

Congressional bribes = Lobbying.

Targeted assassinations = OK if we do it.

Nazi = Anyone who disagrees with Israel’s policy.

War Crimes = Only Goyim commit them.

Submarine fleet = Stealth aggression.

Criticism = Incitement.

Civilized world = High-tech Violence


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One Response to “Word Corruption”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Double Speak. Examples: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Doublespeak



    Doublespeak destroys relationships by corrupting thought, destroying communication, and eroding trust.

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