Nick Clegg – next UK Prime Minister!




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  1. worzzz Says:

    Should Nick Clegg become Britain’s foreign minister

    …. While Brown and Cameron were careful to highlight Israel’s legitimate security concerns during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Clegg forcefully proposed that the U.K. lead a European Union-wide arms embargo on Israel, …

    Clegg has also urged the union to use its economic muscle to apply pressure on Israel. ….


    David Cameron Is Hiding His Inner Bush.

    David Cameron: His Jewish roots

    David Cameron, he would like it known, is an enthusiastic friend of the Jewish people. “I have great admiration and respect for what the community’s achieved,” …


    Israel’s choice: Make peace or disappear.

    … Israel [] continues to control the Palestinians and the territories by force. And in order to maintain its Jewish identity, it also has no intention whatsoever of granting them equal civil rights. One does not have to be a critical intellectual to understand that this internal contradiction, in a state that considers itself advanced, Western and democratic, is untenable. …

    …. one of two options – either withdrawing from all of the West Bank and establishing an independent state for the Palestinians, or granting full rights to everyone who lives under Israeli control, Palestinians as well as Jews. In that case, of course, Israel would lose its Zionist identity as the state of the Jewish people –


    Israel’s best intentions may not be enough to avert war in Lebanon.


    …. U.S. President Barack Obama cannot permit himself a rift with Israel. Eighty percent of Jews vote for Democrats. The Jews of New York, California and Florida alone contribute 40 percent of campaign expenses. A clandestine battle is now being waged between Bibi and Obama as to when American Jews will tell Obama, who is putting on the pressure: “We’ve had it.” But for all the covert contempt of our leftists, the Pentagon has no interest in weakening Israel.

    The absurdity is that Israel’s most inflated cabinet ever is dominated by two people. And the two of them are now secretly concocting a formula with the U.S. administration that will enable a renewal of negotiations with the Palestinian leadership.

    Netanyahu and Barak, who have to hang together, know the time has come to act. Because if not, they will hang separately.


    Divest – for Israel’s sake

    …. If the U.S. government were to seriously pressure Israel – for example, by conditioning $3 billion in annual aid on an end to the occupation and implementation of an equitable peace agreement – perhaps that would provide the incentive necessary to end the occupation.

    … We Jews who support the divestment bill are fed up with Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights. We are unwilling to wait for political pressure to get Israel out of the territories to spring from the head of Zeus. And we believe that this move is in the best interests of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

    The consequences to Israel of not ending the occupation could not be clearer. “If this bloc of millions of Palestinians cannot vote [in Israeli elections], that will be an apartheid state,” said none other than Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in his address to the Herzliya National Security Conference this past winter.

    Israel must choose: End the occupation or face the unraveling of the militarily enforced Jewish-majority state. The selective divestment approach that Berkeley students advocate will help build the political pressure to force Israel to make this choice.

  2. worzzz Says:

    “We must stop arming Israel”

    I hope that Nick Clegg wins – and turns off the money spigot to Israel.

    This is the only way to stop Israel’s endless belligerence .

  3. worzzz Says:

    ‘Cleggmania’ Sweeps Britain, Liberal Democrats Surge In Polls

    … His approval rating is an “unprecedented” 72 percent.

  4. worzzz Says:

    British candidates court U.K. Jews ahead of election.

    … They seem generally uninterested matters of community hospitals, transport or the like. Its all Israel and Jews, all the time. And the candidates have no choice but to oblige. ….

    Of the three, Clegg has the most complicated relation with Jewish issues and Israel. During the 2009 Israeli operation in Gaza, he penned an op-ed in the Guardian newspaper calling on Labour to “condemn unambiguously Israel’s tactics” and demanding an immediate arms boycott of Israel by Britain and the EU.

  5. worzzz Says:

    Who’s who – Israel’s agents of influence in Britain. – A list:

    Pro-Israel Lobby in Europe (EFI):

    The Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy. (CIJA):


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