Mearsheimer – The future of Palestine

“The Future of Palestine” – Professor John J. Mearsheimer – Video


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One Response to “Mearsheimer – The future of Palestine”

  1. worzzz Says:

    Israel’s fated bleak future by John Mearsheimer

    …. territories are almost certain to be incorporated into a “Greater Israel,” which will then be an apartheid state bearing a marked resemblance to white-ruled South Africa. …

    This solution would mean abandoning the original Zionist vision of a Jewish state, since Palestinians would eventually outnumber Jews. …

    Israel could also expel most of the Palestinians from Greater Israel, preserving its Jewish character through ethnic cleansing. …

    no American president can pressure Israel to change its policies toward the Palestinians. The main reason is the Israel lobby, a powerful coalition of American Jews …. every American president since 1967 has opposed settlement building, yet none has been able to get Israel to stop building them. …

    [Obama] demanded that Israel stop all settlement building in the occupied territories. Netanyahu refused and Obama caved in to him. …

    Ethnic cleansing would guarantee that Greater Israel retains a Jewish majority, but that murderous strategy would do enormous damage to Israel’s moral fabric, to its relationship with Jews in the Diaspora, and to its international standing. No genuine friend of Israel could support this crime against humanity. …

    The most likely outcome is that Greater Israel will become a full-fledged apartheid state. There are already separate laws, separate roads and separate housing … “as soon as that happens, the state of Israel is finished.” …

    An apartheid Israel would also be a strategic liability for the United States. …

    What is truly remarkable about this situation is that the lobby is effectively helping Israel destroy its own future as a Jewish state.,0,2189168,full.story

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