Israel – demonized “Victim”?

The British public is demonizing Israel.



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  1. worzzz Says:

    The British public is demonizing Israel.


    Screwed-up country.

    … You have to admit, Israel is a pretty screwed-up country: external wars, internal wars, three different countries (secular, religious, Arab ) shoved into one. One-fourth of all children do not study the core curriculum and have no plans to join the labor force. We have unstable governments with no managerial abilities, ministers who worry more about their political survival than their ministries’ affairs. ….


    Israel’s Delegitimization Challenge.

    In the past few years, Israel has been subjected to increasingly harsh criticism around the world, resulting in an erosion of its international image, and exacting a tangible strategic price. …

    Israel faces a systemic, systematic, and increasingly effective assault on its political and economic model. Its inadequate response reflects a crisis in its foreign policy and security doctrine, as well as its conceptual inferiority …


    Construction for largest East Jerusalem settlement has begun.


    SA ex-chief justice defends Goldstone.

  2. worzzz Says:

    Israeli Word Smithing:
    Perpetrator = Victim.

    War monger = Peace maker.

    Land theft = God given right.

    Assassination = Collateral damage.

    Hasbara = packaged swindle.

    Censorship = Controlled Free Speech

    A 23 foot concrete wall = fence.

    Bribery = Tactical Influence ……. ….. ….. and many more

  3. worzzz Says:

    A Machiavellian Mindset: take a look.

    Samson Blinded:

    Full text:

  4. worzzz Says:

    Eroding Israel’s Legitimacy in the International Arena …..

    The Israeli – US Special Relationship.

    No one questions the importance of the special relations Israel enjoys with the US and how it has become a central tenet of the country’s National Security Strategy. This document attempts to characterize these relations.

  5. worzzz Says:

    Incitement Day in Jerusalem.

    As proximity talks with the Palestinians begin, Israel’s real policy is being revealed vis a vis the government’s incitement which drowns out its whispered promises to the United States.


    Dimona is an outrage. It does not meet the universal demands of equality: Why should Israel be permitted that which is prohibited to other states? It does not comply with the fashionable demand for transparency: Why should it be protected by an umbrella of opacity? It does not meet accepted standards of clarity: Why has the international community agreed that it should exist inside a cloud of ambiguity? ….

    According to foreign reports, the nuclear reactor at Dimona is not there for peaceful purposes. …

    Neither are Israel’s fleet of submarines which are armed with nuclear missiles. – These submarines are capable of clandestine aggression worldwide.


    ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense: More dollars to Israel

    U.S. agrees to fund anti-missile defense system, long delayed due to budgetary difficulties, beyond regular annual defense assistance afforded to Israel. …. President Barack Obama has approved the transfer of special assistance totaling $205 million ….

    …. All this, while America’s infrastructure is collapsing and the sheeples are sound asleep … Our media do not mention it.


    Human Rights Watch: IDF wantonly destroyed homes during Gaza war.

    Human Rights Report: “I Lost Everything”, Israel’s Unlawful Destruction of Property during Operation Cast Lead


    Iran says three-way summit could finalize nuclear deal with West.

  6. worzzz Says:

    Big Pharma Pushes ‘Miracle Cure’ For Holocaust Denial Syndrome.

    … Soon to be marketed and sold under the name Holozac, the drug works by closing down the brain’s center of intellectual inquiry. …. making it more difficult to distinguish between truth and lies. … says Ari Scheister

  7. worzzz Says:

    Holocaust Inversion: The Portraying of Israel and Jews as Nazis.

  8. worzzz Says:


    The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with. The following maps show what Israel has actually done.


    Israel Demands Europe Stop Citizens From Gaza Aid Trip.

    Gilon warned the ambassadors that Israel considered the aid “provocation” and that they would do whatever was necessary to stop the aid ships from reaching the strip. … Israel has had a blockade against most humanitarian aid reaching the Gaza Strip for years, ….


    George Carlin Talks War And American Politics


    Rahm Emanuel plans for son’s bar mitzvah party in Occupied Jerusalem.


  9. worzzz Says:

    Israel’s Greatest Loss: Its Moral Imagination.

    If a people who so recently experienced on its own flesh such unspeakable inhumanities cannot muster the moral imagination to understand the injustice and suffering its territorial ambitions—and even its legitimate security concerns—are inflicting on another people, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  10. worzzz Says:

    Israeli judge: Learn from Nazis.,7340,L-3915394,00.html

    Retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto says as part of PR war, Israel should adopt tactics used to distribute Protocols of of Elders of Zion.

    LONDON – “We must learn from the Nazi tactics,” Retired Israeli Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto said recently during a conference discussing ways to improve the State of Israel’s PR efforts in the world. ….

  11. worzzz Says:

    The US cash behind extremist settlers.

    The Hebron Fund is raising vast sums for Israeli settlements that violate the Geneva convention, with little scrutiny …

    Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank.

    … public records in the United States and Israel identified at least 40 American groups that have collected more than $200 million in tax-deductible gifts for Jewish settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem over the last decade. …

    “Settlements violate international law … Religious charities are still more opaque; the tax code does not require them to disclose their finances publicly. …

    Israel Settlements Cover 42 Percent Of West Bank.
    … Jewish settlements control more than 42 percent of the West Bank, and much of that land was seized from Palestinian landowners in defiance of an Israeli Supreme Court ban …


    Israel Grows Uneasy Over Reliance on Migrant Labor.

    … “All too often we have to fight to make Israelis see that these foreign workers are human beings,” … The Chinese must work for an average of two years just to repay the money they borrow to afford those fees. …


    Ten tips for Netanyahu.

    Ahead of the prime minister’s meeting with Obama, there are several things he should avoid, one of them is slogans, and another is the Jewish lobby. ….


    Netanyahu must play for time.

    … As the minutes tick by towards Netanyahu’s visit with Obama at the White House, Netanyahu is signaling that he is willing to buy the same used car a second time. …

    And buying time should be Israel’s chief goal with respect to Washington today. Since taking office, Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he will not reconsider his fundamentally hostile view of Israel. …

    On Wednesday, Foreign Policy published the content of a memo written last month in the US Military’s Central Command. The memo, a “Red Team”** assessment of how the US should position itself vis-à-vis the likes of Hamas and Hizbullah, reveals that among key members of the US policy-making community, Israel is viewed with extreme hostility. …



    Failed States Index:\
    Israel ranks borderline at 54.


    As Israel’s image sinks, whither Israeli PR?

    … Israel is subject to a growing tide of delegitimization that, if unchecked, could pose an existential threat. The nightmare scenario has the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement gaining more traction and anti-Israel opinion moving from Western campuses to governments, followed by a lifting of the protective American diplomatic umbrella. ….

    The public face of Israel, the Netanyahu-Lieberman-Barak government, wins few points on the international stage. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is widely perceived as uninterested in making peace, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is seen as a racist bully … Israel’s “rebranding” strategy also seems to have had little success. …


    The prime minister’s dilemma.

    … A few days ago, AIPAC’s top brass visited Israel. AIPAC leaders met with Netanyahu and other ministers. They agreed that once the freeze period ends, Israel will engage in restrained, moderate construction in the West Bank and report to AIPAC accurately and in advance on every house or balcony to be built. …,7340,L-3915438,00.html


    Gazans: We were used as ‘human shields’.

    A report exclusive to Ynet reveals testimonies of Strip residents who claim soldiers used them as ‘human shields’ during Operation Cast Lead. ….,7340,L-3915558,00.html

    “There was not a single act of Arab terrorism against Americans before 1968, when the U.S. became the chief supplier of military equipment and economic aid to Israel.”


    Israel steals Palestine Gas fields.


  12. worzzz Says:

    Russian “Refugees” draw SSI in USA.

    SSI funding will run out Sept. 30. HIAS urged Congress to extend funding because many refugees who are Jewish and from the former Soviet Union and Iran rely on the money for food and other necessities. …

    … SSI provides monthly income support to
    meet basic needs for food, clothing, and
    shelter to low income individuals who are
    65 or over, disabled, or blind. Beneficiaries
    can also qualify for Medicaid to pay for
    hospital stays, doctor bills, prescription
    drugs, and other health costs. In 2006, individual
    SSI beneficiaries receive monthly payments
    of up to $603 and married couples
    receive up to $904. Some states supplement
    the monthly federal SSI payment.

    In contrast to social security benefits, SSI
    eligibility is not based on prior work history. …

    … Just send them back to Russia ….former Communists leaching off US tax-payers ….

  13. worzzz Says:

    A Grim Teaching – Incitement

    “In any situation where a Gentile’s presence endangers Jewish life, one may kill him—even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all responsible for the situation in question.” “There is reason to attack children if it is clear that they will grow up to assail us, and in that situation they may be directly targeted.” And: “Every citizen of our kingdom who opposes us and who encourages [our enemies’] fighters or expresses satisfaction with their deeds is considered an assailant and may be killed. Similarly, one who weakens our kingdom, by speech and the like, is also considered an assailant.”

    … it uses throughout the seemingly neutral but deeply laden term “Gentiles,” with all its connotations of second-class citizens and second-class souls. …

    “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’” applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur

    Illegal Protest.


    Amnesty Int’l Finland: Israel scum state



    … The dialogue we engage in is violent, superficial, and inherently flawed. Nobody listens, nobody lets someone else finish a sentence, and everything is always personal, insulting, and automatically categorized into “with us” or “against us” – and those who are against us are necessarily corrupt liars.

    We have lost the most basic characteristic of civilization: The ability to listen to someone who thinks differently than you and assume that he may be right as well.

    The problem here is not the essence, but rather, the style. We have turned into a country of talkbackers, gossip columns, and smearing that replaces any possibility of to-the-point discussion. Israel, which is a country of contrasts, must find a way to restore its dialogue with itself. Otherwise, we will feel bad next year, too.,7340,L-3944728,00.html

    Tuscany villa refuses to take in Israeli guests.

    Israeli travel agents have been receiving a slew of complaints in recent weeks from hotel and villa managers in Italy about the Israeli tourist’s behavior.,7340,L-3941518,00.html

    Why Americans Should Oppose Zionism


    The ADL has lost its way under Abe Foxman

    The Anti-Defamation League’s methods of fighting anti-Semitism are not only outdated, but often counterproductive and have certainly devalued the currency of their accusations.


    Leaked CIA memo cites U.S. Jews among exporters of terrorism.


    Z-Street – A pro-Israel activist group filed a lawsuit alleging that its application for U.S. tax-exempt status is being unduly scrutinized.


    Israel offers Intel $110 million for commitment to stay in the country

    … the government wants to keep Intel in Israel; it wants to maintain the country’s standing as a high-tech manufacturing center and Intel’s second largest production center after the United States. Many of Intel’s most important chips have been developed in Israel. …

    … A backdoor for tapping into America’s knowledge base ….

    ‘Israel’s high-tech industry mired in adolescence’




    … it was estimated there there were as few as 12 “potential Al Qaeda suspects” in Afghanistan.

  14. worzzz Says:

    The Victimhood of the Powerful:
    White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education. by Jennifer Peto

    Canadian grad student, Jewish anti-Zionist activist, and descendant of Holocaust survivors Jenny Peto is breaking new ground with her University of Toronto master’s thesis ….

    Her abstract states:
    This paper focuses on issues of Jewish identity, whiteness and victimhood within hegemonic Holocaust education. I argue that today, Jewish people of European descent enjoy white privilege and are among the most socio-economically advantaged groups in the West. Despite this privilege, the organized Jewish community makes claims about Jewish victimhood that are widely accepted within that community and within popular discourse in the West. I propose that these claims to victimhood are no longer based in a reality of oppression, but continue to be propagated because a victimized Jewish identity can produce certain effects that are beneficial to the organized Jewish community and the Israeli nation-state. I focus on two related Holocaust education projects – the March of the Living and the March of Remembrance and Hope – to show how Jewish victimhood is instrumentalized in ways that obscure Jewish privilege, deny Jewish racism and promote the interests of the Israeli nation-state.

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