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Internet and Book Censors

September 27, 2010

Israel urged practicing Moral Excellence

September 27, 2010

The Future of Zionism Depends on Moral Excellence.

…  if Zionism means a willingness to occupy another people, and where the holiness of the land takes precedence over the moral principles of our people, then many will want to shed the Zionist ideal, and lead people to a post-Zionist identification.

In the world, even amongst Israel’s most loyal friends, the occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank is viewed as contrary to international law, antithetical to Israel as a democratic state, and in opposition to Jewish values, which believe in the equal treatment of all human beings created in the image of God. …

The future of Israel and Zionism require that we understand that very often our greatest enemy lies within, and that the future vitality and legitimacy of Israel and Zionism will depend on the moral strength of the policies that we adopt. …


A Jewish state or an Israeli democracy?




Gideon Levy: The Most Hated Man in Israel — and the Most Heroic

…. “We have Jewish Israelis, who have full democracy and have full civil rights. We have the Israeli Arabs, who have Israeli citizenship but are severely discriminated against. And we have the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, who live without any civil rights, and without any human rights. — Is that a democracy?” …

Today, only those who speak up against Israel’s policies — who denounce the occupation, the blockade, and the war — are the nation’s true friends.” …




US Zionists in uproar over article showing Israelis don’t care about peace.

When Time magazine carried an article on “Why Israel doesn’t care about peace”, a whole coterie of American Zionist supporters reacted as if Time had become anti-Semitic.,8599,2015602,00.html



United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla released last week:




Security Expert Suggests Stuxnet Virus Originated In Israel.




Billionaire George Soros revealed as mystery J-Street donor  … 

American financier had criticized liberal lobby group’s rival AIPAC for being too hawkish.  …. 

Soros and two of his children, Jonathan and Andrea, who had donated some $245,000 to the organization between July 2008 and June 2009.




A Haaretz special report on Martin Schlaff, a Jewish Austrian billionaire suspected of illicit funding of Israeli politicians, received a great deal of media attention in Austria on Thursday.


A Haaretz investigation into Schlaff’s affairs also uncovered a long list of other Israeli public figures who benefited from his millions, including former prime minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and former interior minister Aryeh Deri.

The Austrian media also focused on Schlaff’s dubious connections with the Austrian government.



Pollard Release … ?

September 24, 2010

Holocaust Inflation – Larry King

September 24, 2010

Obama’s Wars – Bob Woodward

September 22, 2010

Human Rights Watch

September 7, 2010

Soros to give Human Rights Watch $100m. over 10 years.

Camera Distribution Project:

Israel wire-tapping Communications

September 2, 2010

‘Israel uses wiretapping equipment it sold to Turkey on Turkish citizens’



Israel has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years

Yet another company, Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a “back door” into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in America. This includes yours. ….

Everyone’s private phone traffic, right up to the President, potentially visible to Israeli interests. …, along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling, anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Israeli interests.