Israel – the rich Parasite State

The rich parasite state

few months ago, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) irked the Zionist Lobby,
when he told CNN’s Jewish talk-show host Wolf Blitzer that under
crushing economic picture in the US, Washington needs to stop its
billions of dollars of annual aid to Israel. Since its creation by
the western powers, Israel has successfully sucked over US$3 trillion
from the US taxpayers. Barack Obama in late 2009 approved an
additional $2.77 billion for Israeli foreign aid in 2010, and another
$30 billion over the next decade. …

2010 – the Zionist entity reported the highest numbers of
billionaires (10) and millionaires (5900) in the Middle East.

2011 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development (OECD) proves once again that while the US economy is in
the drain due to US-Israeli wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya –
the Israel’s economy is booming.

by 7.8% last year, the Israeli economy ranked fifth highest in growth
among the world’s most prosperous OECD’s 34 members. Israel’s
growth outstripped that of the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany
and France. …


– forever the Schnorrer


at 3-year nadir against shekel.

dollar continued its free fall against the shekel on Friday, dipping
0.45% against the Israeli currency to NIS 3.395, its lowest level
since June 2008.

euro also slipped against the shekel, falling 0.25% to NIS 5.037, but
the European currency edged up 0.3% against the dollar, to $1.487.


Debt –  Government Gone Wild

Throw the Bums out. — all of them.   Check out Ron Paul !!!!


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  2. worzzz Says:

    Israel turns to Germany for Naval Stealth Ships.

    Israel is interested in acquiring two corvette size ships to extend its naval operational capabilities …

    Being a loyal supplier of naval equipment for many years, Germany is considered a safe choice for Israel. Germany already provided two Dolphin class submarines to Israel at no cost and waived part of the cost for the remaining three. The reason for the generous German gesture is the understanding that claims for increased compensation for remaining survivors of the holocaust will be deferred. ….

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