AIPAC sued for $6.6 billion

$6.64 Billion Damages Sought over Israeli Government and AIPAC Use of
Stolen Classified US Trade Data.

WIRE)–Today the Section 301 Committee of the US Trade Representative
formally received a petition demanding $6.64 billion in compensation
for US exporters. In 1984 US exporters were urged to submit business
confidential data about their prices, market share, internal costs
and market strategy to the International Trade Commission. The USTR
guaranteed confidentiality and compiled the data into a classified
report for use in negotiating the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

The Israeli government obtained the classified USTR report and passed it
to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to use in lobbying
and public relations. Declassified FBI investigation files in the
petition reveal AIPAC’s legislative director made illicit
duplications before returning the report by order of the USTR. The
FBI interviewed Israeli Minister of Economics Dan Halpern who
admitted obtaining the classified document and giving it to AIPAC.

According to the petition Israel unfairly leveraged the business confidential
data stolen from US corporations and industry groups to create new
export oriented industries to penetrate the American market. Israel
thereby gained an unwarranted systemic advantage. ….


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One Response to “AIPAC sued for $6.6 billion”

  1. worzzz Says:

    New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released.

    Declassified FBI files reveal a long running espionage and theft of government documents investigation targeting the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Israeli embassy in Washington DC during the 1984 US-Israel Free Trade Area negotiations. The FBI uncovered allegations that an agent of the Israeli intelligence services worked undercover as a member of AIPAC’s staff.

    A quarter century after the tainted negotiations led to passage of US-Israel preferential trade pact, it remains the most unfavorable of all US bilateral trade agreements, producing chronic deficits, lack of US market access to Israel and ongoing theft of US intellectual property.

    >>> Click on the documents ….

    SPY TRADE: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy.

    “This book presents formidable and dangerous new evidence of spying by Israel and the corrosive long term influence of its lobby on US governance.” ….

    the long-term operations of AIPAC in shaping US Middle East policy provides the best contemporary framework for understanding our involvement in Middle East wars. ….

    American foreign policy in the Middle East follows Israel’s agenda and documents the enormous cost to our Treasury and economy as well as the loss of American lives. ….

    aggressive manipulation of our media and political institutions to enhance Israel’s power and further its privileged position in the Middle East.” ….

    more here:

    $6.64 Billion Damages Sought over Israeli Government and AIPAC Use of Stolen Classified US Trade Data.

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