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Corruption in Washington

November 8, 2011

Congress First.

republic is dangerously out of balance. Well-financed special
interests routinely bend the levers of power to benefit the few at
the expense of our general welfare.

bribery has been legalized by the courts, and both major parties have
been co-opted and corrupted by the system.

result: The upper 1% have done well. The other 99% of us have been
left behind. And now we’ve reached a breaking point.

is aimed at restoring power over American politics and government to
100% of the people. We hope patriots of all political persuasions
will join us to help build an unstoppable grassroots movement that
demands and delivers lasting reforms.

David Thoreau wrote, “There are a thousand hacking at the
branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Together,
we must strike at the root of America’s problems.  ….


on CBS’s “60 Minutes.    Corruption in Washington.

  Jack Abramoff was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey into
a wealthy and prominent Jewish family. His father, Franklin Abramoff,
was president of the Franchises unit of Diners Club.[

investigators strongly suspected that two Israeli companies, AMDOCS
and Comverse Infosys, which had been allowed to obtain U.S.
government telecommunications contracts, were able to use back-door
technology to compromise the security of DEA, Pentagon, and White
House phones….

CAF funneled millions scarfed up from Indian tribes not only into
Abramoff’s own pockets and the pockets of his cronies, but also to
ultra-right-wing Israeli “settlers.” Isikoff reports:

than $140,000 of foundation funds were actually sent to the Israeli
West Bank where they were used by a Jewish settler to mobilize
against the Palestinian uprising. ….

than a week before the 9.11 attack, Atta and several other hijackers
were aboard one of Abramoff’s casino boats. …×51691