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AIPAC – Danger to America

April 25, 2012

How does AIPAC endanger America? – Workshop videos.  …  !!!!

AIPAC History  Proto-AIPAC’s incubation in the Israeli embassy in 1948. Strategic direction-setting by the Mossad and Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Confrontations with the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations and the secret battle over registration as an Israeli foreign agent.  FBI espionage investigations of AIPAC.  AIPAC and the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program. The grassroots fight for transparency, regulatory oversight and accountability. Presented by Grant F. Smith, Director of IRmep.\

AIPAC Political Power US politicians and the Israel lobby campaign finance network.  Why Israel political action committees use confusing and misleading names.  How ostensibly independent political action committees are coordinated to avoid contribution limits imposed on other industries. How AIPAC has directed PAC contributions to chosen candidates.  How to track stealth Israel PAC contributions to your representative. Presented by Janet McMahon, Managing Editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

AIPAC and the Media Why establishment media outlets consistently fail to present an accurate picture of Palestinian vs Israeli casualties in the ongoing conflict.  Why the background and motives of key Middle East reporters prevents Americans from receiving accurate reporting. Enduring myths about Israel’s value as a US ally.  How to counteract the disinformation network. Presented by Alison Weir, President of the Council for the National Interest and Founder of If Americans Knew.

Promoting Islamophobia  AIPAC’s role in promoting Muslim “otherness.” The Clash of Civilization policy framework, why is it of strategic value to Israel, especially after the Cold War? Who funds Islamophobia in the United States?  What can be done about it? Presented by Hatem Bazian.

Exposing, Challenging and Stopping AIPAC Why aren’t operatives and their organizations (WINEP, FDD, FPI, AEI, JINSA) ever properly identified in the mainstream media?  Are AIPAC and the larger network of organizations vying to operate as an “alternative government?” How can proven tactics to confront dangerous policy be implemented in the Internet age? Presented by Jeffrey Blankfort.


Washington Report:

Open Secrets:

Israel’s IDF brutality – video

April 17, 2012

Israel’s leaders incite the public against peace activists   … (Haaretz)

Video … Israeli army Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner hits an unidentified activist with an M-16 rifle, April 14, 2012. …

Guenter Grass’ Poem – What must be said

April 9, 2012

In Defense of Guenter Grass’ Poem:

What must be said

Why did I remain silent, silent so long,

about something so clear we used

in war games, where, as survivors,

we are just the footnotes?

That is the claimed right to the formal preventive aggression

which could erase the Iranian people

dominated by a bouncer and moved to an organized jubilation,

because in the area of his competence there is

the construction of the atomic bomb.

And then why do I avoid myself

to call the other country with its name,

where since years – even if secretly covered –

there is an increasing nuclear power,

without control, because unreachable

by every inspection?

I feel the everybody silence on this state of affairs,

which my silence is slave to,

as an oppressive lie and an inhibition that presents punishment

we don’t pay attention to;

the verdict “anti-Semitism” is common.

Now, since my country,

from time to time touched by unique and exclusive crimes,

obliged to justify itself,

again for pure business aims – even if

with fast tongue we call it “reparation” –

should deliver another submarine to Israel,

with the specialty of addressing

annihilating warheads where the

existence of one atomic bomb is not proved

but it wants evidence as a scarecrow,

I say what must be said.

Why did I stay silent until now?

Because the thought about my origin,

burdened by an unclearing stain,

had avoiding to wait this fact

like a truth declared by the State of Israel

that I want to be connected to.

Why did I say it only now,

old and with the last ink:

the nuclear power of Israel

threat the world peace?

Because it must be said

what tomorrow will be too late;

Because – as Germans and with

enough faults on the back –

we might also become deliverers of a predictable

crime, and no excuse would erase our complicity.

And I admit: I won’t be silent

because I had enough of the Western hypocrisy;

Because I wish that many will want

to get rid of the silence,

exhorting the cause of a recognizable

risk to the abdication, asking that a free and permanent control

of the Israel atomic power

and the Iran nuclear bases

will be made by both the governments

with an international supervision.

Only in this way, Israelis, Palestinians, and everybody,

all people living hostile face to face in that

country occupied by the craziness,

will have a way out,

so us too. …


Günter Grass. – was gesagt werden muss,

Re: Submarines to Israel:

Persona non grata:,7340,L-4213789,00.html