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AIPAC – Tax Status Challenged

October 26, 2012

[b]IRS responds to AIPAC lobbying junkets to Israel complaints.[/b]

During the 2011 summer recess more than 80 members of Congress were flown to Israel in a massive lobbying junket according to a participant list compiled by Legistorm. IRmep’s Center for Policy and Law Enforcement filed a comprehensive criminal complaint (PDF) about AIEF on September 9, 2011. It detailed how AIPAC skirted reform laws passed in 2007 intended to prevent lobbies from funding such travel by using the AIEF as a slush fund. The AIEF has no employees and is housed within AIPAC’s Washington, DC headquarters. Although AIEF claims to be an educational organization, it has never made educational material directly available to the public or academic peer reviewers.

On September 10, 2012 the IRS mailed identical responses (PDF) to petitioners stating “This letter responds to your letter …concerning alleged lobbying activities by the AIPAC and/or the AIEF…I can tell you that we maintain an ongoing examination program to ensure exempt organizations continue to meet the requirements for tax-exempt status.”


USA – Tweaking Noses around the World

October 21, 2012

[B]!!!  US. SUPERPOWER, tweaking Noses around the World.  !!![/B]

No wonder they hate us.

Foreign interventions.

1—list of interventions for “regime change” 2—list of air warfare campaigns 3—list of client states 4—list of states held by debt-leverage imperialism 5—list of foreign base hosts 6—list of murder toll 7—list of unsavory rightists supported 8—list of perverted international bodies 9—list of interventions for opposing liberation 10—list of interventions pre-1941 11—list of covert operations 12—list of front organizations 13—list of low intensity conflicts 14—list of proxy wars 15—list of foreign policy doctrines 16—list of propaganda campaigns


“The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”    – Book Review:

Miko Peled has written a perfect book for people, including Israelis, who have always heard that the Israeli government can do no wrong.  …  His father, Matti Peled, was an Israeli general, war hero, military governor of the Gaza strip, member of Parliament, professor, and columnist who turned against the occupation of Palestine. ….

The Israeli occupation [x] had always been more brutal than Peled had known. He learned from an Israeli naval special forces officer of tactics used in patrolling the coast of Gaza:

“They would come upon Gazan fishing boats and from time to time they would single out a particular boat, order the fishermen to jump in the water and blow up the boat. Then under gunpoint, they told the fishermen to count from one to a hundred and then when they were done to start over again. They would make them count over and over again until one by one the fishermen could no longer tread water, and they drowned.” ….