Exposing AIPAC

EXPOSING AIPAC     http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/exposing-aipac/

 Despite AIPAC’s contention that it is a “Public Affairs Committee” it is, in fact, a “Political Action Committee” whose real purpose is to lobby Congress and the Executive Branch, dispense not education but propaganda about Israel and to raise money to ensure that its message and agenda are communicated to Americans especially the policy makers who determine U.S. foreign policy. …

 AIPAC has created an atmosphere of coercion and intimidation in our country’s political system that corrupts at the highest levels. Today, AIPAC directs pay offs to members of our Congress to ensure allegiance to an agenda of endless war, Israeli occupation and apartheid, and rampant racism and Islamophobia. ….


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  1. worzzz Says:

    Looming Sequestration Cuts Cause Split Among Israel Aid Advocates
    AIPAC Pushes for Special Treatment, Others Fear Backlash

    … The request, which was formulated carefully by AIPAC officials, stressed the lobby’s preference for a solution that would roll back all sequestration cuts, not just those hitting Israel. “We said in the meetings that sequestration is a bad policy because it haphazardly cuts programs regardless of their value,” one AIPAC official told the Forward. “We also argued that full assistance for Israel is imperative.” ….

    “Despite ongoing budget woes, it is critical that the United States live up to its aid commitment to Israel,” AIPAC states. ….

    The best outcome for AIPAC and for all pro-Israel activists would be congressional legislation to replace sequestration with an agreed-upon budget plan. Such a plan, pro-Israel activists say, would all but guarantee a full restoration of aid to Israel …

    ‘J Street’ warned that any move to separate Israel from the sequestration’s broad cuts would hurt the Jewish state’s interests by appearing to put Israel’s aid needs “above those of the millions of ordinary Americans who are being hurt …..


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