The “Israel Bond” Swindle

The Israel Bond schemes.

 Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has purchased $42 million in Israel Bonds, the largest single government purchase of Israel Bonds in United States history. …

 The investment increases the total amount of Israel Bonds in the Ohio treasury portfolio to more than $80 million …

The U.S. has guaranteed $19 billion in Israel-issued bonds since the 1990s ….

. According to Israel’s Finance Ministry, “Israel has never defaulted in the payment of principal or interest on any of its internal or external indebtedness.” According to the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, as of 2002, approximately $40 billion in loans to Israel by the United States Government have waived by the United States Government, rather than repaid by Israel. ….


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3 Responses to “The “Israel Bond” Swindle”

  1. worzzz Says:

    US Pension Funds to Israel – Guaranteed by US Govt.

    … the key to Israeli access to the funds has been that these formerly extremely risky Israeli bonds now are guaranteed by the U.S. government. No U.S. state or municipal bonds carry such U.S. government guarantees, of course. …

    California pension fund reveals vital info on Israeli Vcs

    Israeli venture capital funds Pitango, Gemini, Apax Israel, Israel Seed, JVP and Carmel, among the most prominent funds in Israel’s venture sector, have collectively written off $212 million over the past three years.


    U.S. Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact

    … A Conservative Estimate of Total U.S. Aid To Israel: More Than $123 Billion ….


    … More than $1.5 billion in private US funds also go to Israel every year, comprising some $1 billion in tax-deductible donations and around $500 million invested in Israeli bonds. The US treatment of Israel as a charity of tax-deductible status is not granted to any other state. ….


    Lobby’s effort to exempt Israel from sequester gets ‘Israel first’-ers into the lexicon


  2. worzzz Says:

    Israel gets special treatment, 93% of Americans polled say they want foreign aid cuts

  3. worzzz Says:

    How Israel Is Dodging Its Bad Credit History By Selling Dollar Bonds

    … Israels bond mongers are targeting State treasuries with the blessing of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Eventual default is predictable for I-dollar bonds based on Israel’s past history of debt avoidance by currency devaluation, and the massive size of these bond issues. State representatives should take action to protect States’ treasury and pension fund account. Please see my previous editorial: “The Ugly History Of Shekel Bonds.”

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