FBI – Massive Holocaust Claims Fraud

Was Holocaust Fraud at Claims Conference Even Worse Than Believed? (Published April 11, 2013).

 Federal prosecutors are trying to prevent a jury from hearing evidence that a multimillion-dollar fraud at a non-profit which processes Holocaust claims is even more widespread than the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office have so far revealed.

 Prosecutors Work To Keep Lid on $57M Corruption Case ….  FBI investigators have identified about 5,000 fraudulent claims made against two of the conference’s funds.  …

 a wide-ranging scheme in which thousands of people from the Former Soviet Union submitted applications and documents that were later altered or supported by forged papers so that they could make fraudulent claims. …  



Fraudulent claims by fraudulent survivors based on a fraudulent event.


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One Response to “FBI – Massive Holocaust Claims Fraud”

  1. worzzz Says:

    FBI Web Site – New York Field Office:

    Two Defendants Plead Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to Participating in $57.3 Million Fraud on Organization That Makes Reparations to Victims of Nazi Persecution. http://tiny.cc/db7dvw

    Defendants Include Organization Insider Who Processed Fraudulent Applications and Engaged in Witness Tampering
    U.S. Attorney’s Office. March 28, 2013

    Southern District of New York (212) 637-2600

    This case is being handled by the Office’s Complex Frauds Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher D. Frey and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Rebecca Rohr are in charge of the prosecution.





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