Our dying Middle Class

The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future —  Joseph E. Stiglitz (Author)


 Changes brought about by Globalization and Technology require fundamental rethinking of our social fabric. …. 

 The cost of our military adventures is unaffordable and unwise. …


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3 Responses to “Our dying Middle Class”

  1. worzzz Says:

    CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class

  2. worzzz Says:

    [B]Money Masters[/B]

    [B]The Money Changers.[/B]

  3. worzzz Says:

    The Unfair Trade: How Our Broken Global Financial System Destroys the Middle Class. – Michael Casey (Author)


    A wake-up call for middle class Americans who feel trapped in a post-crisis economic slump, The Unfair Trade is a riveting exposé of the vast global financial system whose flaws are the source of our economic malaise. Our livelihoods are now, more than ever, beholden to the workings of its imbalances and inequities.

    The trillions of dollars that make up the flow of international finance—money that is often steered away from the people who deserve it the most—have not just undermined the lives of working and middle class Americans. It is a world-wide phenomenon that is changing the culture of Argentina; destroying the factory system in Northern Mexico, enabling drug cartels to recruit thousands of young men into their gangs; that has taken down the economies of Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Greece, and possibly Italy; and is driving American companies such as a 60-year-old family owned manufacturer of printed circuit boards to shutter all but one of its factories.

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