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$9.5 billion + $3 Billion aid to Israel

December 12, 2013

US to add $173 million for Israel missile defense  (Totaling $9.5 billion)

A defense funding bill for fiscal year 2014 proposed Monday by members of the US House and Senate Armed Services Committees would increase American missile defense spending by some $358 million (NIS 1.25 billion), bringing the total to $9.5 billion (NIS 33.2 billion). ….

Funds for missile defense collaboration are separate from the average $3 billion (NIS 10.5 billion) in defense assistance Israel receives from the United States annually . ….

$9.5 billion + $3 billion ++++++ !!!!!!

It is sad state of affairs that our representatives in Washington represent primarily the interests of Israel – not the voters.

It is also lamentable that Israel demands these huge dollar sums from American taxpayers who struggle with their livelihood.

Israel does not need aid. It is a well-functioning and prosperous country.

Israael’s Fischer – next Fed Vice Chair

December 12, 2013

Israel’s Fischer picked to be next Fed vice chair:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Stanley Fischer, who led the Bank of Israel for eight years until he stepped down in June, has been asked to be the Federal Reserve’s next vice chair once Janet Yellen takes over as chief of the U.S. central bank  ….

Fischer, as an American-Israeli, would also need Senate approval if he accepts the offer from the White House.  …–sector.html


Netanyahu’s Clumsy Etiquette at the Vatican

December 7, 2013
Netanyahu Gave The Pope A Book About The Spanish Inquisition
 …  The Spanish inquisition is widely held up as one of the worst excesses of the Roman Catholic Church, and thousands of people were expelled from Spain or burned at the stake. Worse still, the inquisition of Catholic converts (and the use of torture to discover heretics) was first legally sanctioned by Pope Innocent IV. …
… Always in your face ….  not a wise move to promote friendship and good-will. ….