$9.5 billion + $3 Billion aid to Israel

US to add $173 million for Israel missile defense  (Totaling $9.5 billion)

A defense funding bill for fiscal year 2014 proposed Monday by members of the US House and Senate Armed Services Committees would increase American missile defense spending by some $358 million (NIS 1.25 billion), bringing the total to $9.5 billion (NIS 33.2 billion). ….

Funds for missile defense collaboration are separate from the average $3 billion (NIS 10.5 billion) in defense assistance Israel receives from the United States annually . ….



$9.5 billion + $3 billion ++++++ !!!!!!

It is sad state of affairs that our representatives in Washington represent primarily the interests of Israel – not the voters.

It is also lamentable that Israel demands these huge dollar sums from American taxpayers who struggle with their livelihood.

Israel does not need aid. It is a well-functioning and prosperous country.


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