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The “Protect Academic Freedom Act” – a Misnomer

February 19, 2014

US mulls bill punishing Israel boycotters – The ‘Protect Academic Freedom Act’ (H.R. 4009)

…  Two congressmen, Peter Roskam and Dan Lipinski – a Republican and Democrat respectively, both from the state of Illinois – have introduced a bill that would strip American academic institutions of federal funding if they choose to boycott Israel.

The move follows a growing international movement to protest the Israeli occupation and violations of Palestinian human rights. The most recent to join the boycott is the American Studies Association (ASA), a group composed of about 5,000 academics and scholars dedicated to the study of American culture.

The ASA boycott is part of a larger movement called Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), which wants to pressure Israel to change its policies in the occupied Palestinian territories by isolating the country. Opponents of BDS say the movement – which calls for Palestinian refugees’ right to return – is an attempt to delegitimise Israel and dilute its majority-Jewish population. ….

The ‘Protect Academic Freedom Act’ (H.R. 4009):

An intentionally misleading title  …… !!!!!   The act restricts academic freedom …. !!!!