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Israel – Massive Spying in the US

May 17, 2014

US accuses Israel of ‘alarming, even terrifying’ levels of spying

Israel, it would appear, is after everything it can lay its hands on: not just diplomatic and policy documents, but industrial and military technology. The means include Israeli trade missions to the US, joint ventures between Israeli and American companies and, presumably, spying by Israeli intelligence agencies. ….

a US government report after 9/11 concluded that Israel ran the most aggressive espionage operation against the US of any ally. Three years later, two officials of AIPAC, America’s most powerful pro-Israel lobby group, were charged with spying, for passing to Israel official documents on US policy towards Iran. The case was dropped in 2009 – but how many others have been, or will be, quietly brushed under the carpet can only be guessed at. ….

Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up

London Banking – Crooks

January 11, 2014

City of London Corporation –  Casino Banking

. the historic centre of London and the location of much of the UK’s financial sector. Until 2006, when the name was changed to avoid confusion with the wider London local government authority, the Greater London Authority, it was informally known as the Corporation of London.






The Corporation of London


The City of London, also known as the Corporation of London, the City of London Corporation and the Square Mile, is officially called the Mayor and Commonality and Citizens of the City of London. Though constituting only a small geographical area within Greater London itself, the City is administered by its own set of local governing bodies …


Tax Haven Status


In “Treasure Islands”, Shaxson states that “Few British people, let alone anyone else, know that the City of London is the most important financial center in the global offshore system. Before getting properly into the strangeness of this ancient city, some of its more obvious offshore qualities are worth noting. London’s first claim to be a tax haven is the subject of this chapter: its role as the creator and developer of the Euromarkets, Wall Street’s giant escape route from the checks and balances of U.S. financial regulation. Here the subsidiaries and affiliates of U.S. commercial banks have long been allowed to engage in, among many other things, investment banking—“casino banking,” as some have called it—


As Shaxson further explains, “London provides endless loopholes for U.S. financial corporations, and many U.S. banking catastrophes can be traced substantially to those companies’ London offices. …






Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens


Treasure Islands is an expose of how the corporate world uses tax havens to shirk paying its share of taxes. This costs the United States alone 100 billion dollars in lost revenue each year. While the United States experiences a recession and European countries face bankruptcy, Nicholas Shaxson, a former correspondent for the Financial Times and The Economist, argues that the problem can be traced back to the pervasive practice of offshoring financing in order to minimize taxable revenue. Journeying from Moscow to London to Switzerland to Delaware, he dives deep into a vast and secret playground where bankers and multinational corporations operate side by side with nefarious tax evaders, organized criminals, and the world’s wealthiest citizens. This is a fast-paced narrative that at last explains how bankers, traders, and other financial wizards are using the system to deepen our economic divide.






Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Berger – Den finanziellen Staatsstreich hinter uns, die Konsequenzen vor uns?





The Definition of the Word “Holocaust”.

October 17, 2013

The definition of the word ‘Holocaust”.

The term holocaust comes from the Greek word holókauston, referring to an animal sacrifice offered to a god in which the whole (olos) animal is completely burnt (kaustos).  (hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”)

The following events seem to properly fit that meaning, because humans were burnt alive:  Hiroshima, Dresden, Gaza.

Delegitimizing Israel

May 19, 2013

[b]The Israel Delegitimizing Network[/b]


[b]The BDS Movement Promotes Delegitimization against Israel[/b]


FBI – Massive Holocaust Claims Fraud

April 11, 2013

Was Holocaust Fraud at Claims Conference Even Worse Than Believed? (Published April 11, 2013).

 Federal prosecutors are trying to prevent a jury from hearing evidence that a multimillion-dollar fraud at a non-profit which processes Holocaust claims is even more widespread than the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office have so far revealed.

 Prosecutors Work To Keep Lid on $57M Corruption Case ….  FBI investigators have identified about 5,000 fraudulent claims made against two of the conference’s funds.  …

 a wide-ranging scheme in which thousands of people from the Former Soviet Union submitted applications and documents that were later altered or supported by forged papers so that they could make fraudulent claims. …


Fraudulent claims by fraudulent survivors based on a fraudulent event.

Rabbi – Torah Fraud

February 6, 2012

‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ admits Torah fraud.

Menachem Youlus pleaded guilty to fraud after he obtained almost $1 million by inventing Indiana Jones-style adventures ….

International Surveillance – Israel

December 24, 2011

Israeli company sold surveillance equipment to Iran.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Allot Communications Ltd. sent Internet-monitoring products to Denmark, where they were repackaged and sold to a distributor in Iran.

…  NetEnforcer ..  the software  can be used to intercept personal emails and other private data, or to prevent people from using the Web

Wikileak’s Spy Files:  International Surveillance.

.. Surveillance companies like SS8 in the U.S., Hacking Team in Italy and Vupen in France manufacture viruses (Trojans) that hijack individual computers and phones (including iPhones, Blackberries and Androids), take over the device, record its every use, movement, and even the sights and sounds of the room it is in. Other companies like Phoenexia in the Czech Republic collaborate with the military to create speech analysis tools. They identify individuals by gender, age and stress levels and track them based on ‘voiceprints’. Blue Coat in the U.S. and Ipoque in Germany sell tools to governments in countries like China and Iran to prevent dissidents from organizing online. …

10 Israeli Surveillance Companies listed by Wikileaks:

    Ability Files

    Nice Systems Files

    Cellebrite Files

    Elta systems Files


    News Datacom Research Ltd

    Tracespan Files

    Amdocs Ltd


    Semptian Technologies

Legally Spy On any Cell Phone:

AIPAC sued for $6.6 billion

May 25, 2011

$6.64 Billion Damages Sought over Israeli Government and AIPAC Use of
Stolen Classified US Trade Data.

WIRE)–Today the Section 301 Committee of the US Trade Representative
formally received a petition demanding $6.64 billion in compensation
for US exporters. In 1984 US exporters were urged to submit business
confidential data about their prices, market share, internal costs
and market strategy to the International Trade Commission. The USTR
guaranteed confidentiality and compiled the data into a classified
report for use in negotiating the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

The Israeli government obtained the classified USTR report and passed it
to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to use in lobbying
and public relations. Declassified FBI investigation files in the
petition reveal AIPAC’s legislative director made illicit
duplications before returning the report by order of the USTR. The
FBI interviewed Israeli Minister of Economics Dan Halpern who
admitted obtaining the classified document and giving it to AIPAC.

According to the petition Israel unfairly leveraged the business confidential
data stolen from US corporations and industry groups to create new
export oriented industries to penetrate the American market. Israel
thereby gained an unwarranted systemic advantage. ….

Israel steals $105 million from Palestinians

May 11, 2011

is getting away with robbing Palestinian taxes

is getting away with ‘robbing’ the Palestinians of $105 million bu
withholding tax funds; we all know that the robber will not be
punished. ….

‘Palestinian Authority’ can’t pay salaries in May due to Israel
halting funds transfer.

Palestinian Authority said on Monday it had not been able to pay
salaries for the first time since 2007 because of Israel’s decision
to halt the transfer of funds it collects on its behalf. ….

covers Israel’s suspended tax money to Palestinian Authority.

May 6, 2011

— The European Union approved an extra $124 million in emergency aid
to the Palestinians to supplement tax moneys frozen by Israel.

is important that access to essential public services remains
uninterrupted and the right to social services is respected,”
Reuters on Friday quoted Catherine Ashton, the E.U. foreign policy
chief, as saying.

stopped payment this week on $105 million it owes the Palestinian
Authority on customs duties and other taxes because of the unity
agreement that Fatah signed with Hamas.

E.U. money would go to essential employees and to families in need.

the Democratic caucus in the U.S. Senate urged President Obama to
suspend assistance to the Palestinian Authority.


admits it covertly canceled residency status of 140,000 Palestinians.

obtained by Haaretz reveals that between 1967 and 1994 many
Palestinians traveling abroad were stripped of residency status,
allegedly without warning. ….  

a similar procedure is still in place for residents of East Jerusalem
who hold Israeli ID cards; they lose their right to return if they
have been abroad for seven years.  ….

UN: Israel accused of Ethnic Cleansing.

March 22, 2011


21 March 2011.

GENEVA – United Nation Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, urged today the UN Human Rights Council to focus their attention on “the intensifying deterioration of human rights in occupied East Jerusalem.”

The continued pattern of settlement expansion in East Jerusalem combined with forcible eviction of long residing Palestinians are creating an intolerable situation that can only be described, in its cumulative impact, as a form of ethnic cleansing,” warned Mr. Falk ….