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Netanyahu’s Speech before Congress 3.3.2015 – A sad spectacle

March 4, 2015

Natanyahu’s address to Congress on March 3, 2015 – A sad Spectacle

Nathanyahu is not trustworthy. – He delivered a swindle speech to a corrupted audience. – The American Congress is Zionist Occupied Territory, no longer representing its American citizens.

Netanyahu Speech at AIPAC – March 2, 2025 – JLTV



The Samson Option – How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War

The Samson Option, Israel’s Threat to Take Down the World With It

The Samson Option – Book download


Samson Blinded     Samson Blinded

Objectives of Peace

Israel does not need peace with Arabs
Israel can sustain neither modern war nor a credible threat
An end of belligerence is imperative
The creation of a Palestinian state would not bring Israel peace
No Palestinian state without a pan-Islamic peace agreement with Israel
Israel should not vacillate
Israeli vacillation provokes Muslims
Israeli vacillation is costly
Piecemeal compromises blur Israeli objectives
The fallacy of Israel’s minor concessions to Arabs
Israel must abandon half-measures
Delaying the solution makes the Israeli-Arab conflict chronic and harder to cure
Does Israel want economic and social progress in Arab countries?
Israel must determine war strategy and adhere to it

Determine Israeli Territorial Objectives

What area do the Israelis want?
Why does Israel need the Palestinian territories?
The possibility of Israel’ ceding the Palestinian territories
Returning the Palestinian territories might not lead to normalizing Arab-Israeli relations
Israeli perceptions of Arab nationalism are exaggerated
Annexation of Arab lands will not necessarily impede Israeli-Arab peace
A culturally attractive Israel could annex the Palestinian territories more easily

Israel as Middle Eastern empire

Israel should conquer only militarily weak, economically viable Muslim states
Israel may annex foreign land
Israel can win tolerance of foreigners to annexation
Annexation tactics in Palestine, expansion from a security belt
Israeli threat of expansion would bring peace

Proper War Strategy for Israel

Hiring foreign infantry for Israel Defense Forces
Harsh measures, not limited victory against Israel’s Arab enemies
Israel must use chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
Israel should not let Iran build Chemical Biological Nuclear weapons
Humane war is costly and ineffective
Israel must abandon the pretense of humane war with Arabs

Israel Aid – untouched by Sequester

April 13, 2013

Israel aid remains untouched in 2014 US budget proposal     April 11, 2013

 Under 2014 budget proposal submitted by U.S. President Barack Obama to Congress on Wednesday, Israel would receive $3.4 billion in total military aid, including $220 million for the Iron Dome anti-rocket system. ….

Orchestrating War on Iran

August 23, 2012

Complete Media silence about Israel’s plans to drag the USA into an unnecessary war on Iran.


AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel


Netanyahu inciting against Obama on way to war with Iran

In the run-up to an Iran attack, Netanyahu crossed every boundary, with the help of Jewish-American mogul Sheldon Adelson, to unseat Obama. And Ehud Barak, the boy from the kibbutz, is standing by his side on this balcony of incitement. …


Israel Delivers “Or Else” Demands to Obama

…  The message was a warning that the Strong Man of the Middle East will go to war against Iran before Election Day, November 6, unless Barack Obama meets two Israeli demands. The warning was delivered by the New York Times in a news analysis, “Israeli Leaders Could Be Dissuaded From Striking Iran”, by the Times’ Jerusalem correspondent, Jodi Rudoren.  …


President Obama

The White House.   Washington,  DC.

Fax 202-456-2461

Subject: Please – No War on Iran!

Dear President Obama.                       8/21/2012.

AIPAC and the Israel Lobby has swindled us into an unnecessary war on Iraq. – It now promotes another un-necessary attack on Iran. America will probably be dragged into this conflict by default. – The result may become a major world conflict.

Senators Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, and Robert Casey introduced a resolution that would move America further down the path toward war with Iran.

Iran is not a threat to any state in the Middle-East. – Rather, Israel is the primary conflict instigator!

Three years ago, General Clark stated that the Pentagon planned attacks on 7 counties in that region. Iran was named as one of those countries. – The Israel Lobby is deeply ensconced in Pentagon strategy planning.

America can not afford such a major conflict in light of its current fiscal problems.

The whole world considers our Middle-East policy as foolish and lacking moral rectitude.

Nothing could be more disastrous for America and nothing could be less necessary than war with Iran. …

Please keep America out of this conflict,

Thanks, A.v.S


Increased Israel chatter on Iran is about sending a message to Washington

a call for an unequivocal commitment from the Obama administration to take the lead in such an attack or to come to Israel’s aid if it goes first. …

a series of public statements by Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, suggesting that an Israeli strike would reap sufficient rewards to justify it  …

Still, Obama administration officials are not yet publicly buying the rhetoric. …

Netanyahu, who has had tense relations with Obama, is seen as close to the Republicans and has a longstanding friendship with Romney. …


Barack Obama must make a public case before promising to strike Iran.

For years now, Israelis have been noisily debating military action against Iran. And their conclusion, according to polls, is that America should do it. That’s somewhat ironic given that self-reliance—never again putting Jewish destiny in non-Jewish hands—is core to the Zionist ideal. But it’s also quite rational: an American strike would likely set back Tehran’s nuclear progress far more than an Israeli one would. And an American strike would not leave Israel as isolated in the world.  ….


Obama’s Drift Toward War With Iran

…  The cooked-up crisis, over Iran’s supposed option of “breaking out” to manufacture a weapon, goes on a false premise. As Gary Sick has explained, such an action would require Iran to expel the IAEA inspectors who are free to order a surprise look at any site.  …

it surely serves the interest of Netanyahu to stoke unreal fears, provided this can be done indirectly, through “legitimate” channels like the New York Times, as well as more extravagant channels like the casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. In a recent address (summarized by Michael Isikoff in an excellent piece of reporting), Adelson said that “unfortunately” he had worn an American uniform rather than an Israeli one when he served in the armed forces. That is the mode of thinking on that side.  ….

The right-wing coalition government of Netanyahu “had told the Obama administration that they could accept diplomacy as long as Washington expected it would fail.”  …

in 2011, Admiral Mike Mullen, said more than once that an Israeli strike against Iran “would be a big, big, big problem for all of us.” …

Nothing could be more disastrous for America and nothing could be less necessary than war with Iran.


AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel



AIPAC ~ Israel to Annihilate Iran and Destroy the Middle East


The Real Reason Why War Is Coming To Iran Part 2


The Israel Project


Defying calls from U.S., Israel, UN chief plans visit to Tehran

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to attend a summit meeting of leaders of non-aligned developing nations in Tehran next week, defying calls from the United States and Israel to boycott the event ….

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Ban to cancel his plans to participate in the Tehran non-aligned summit …


Obama’s Wars – Bob Woodward

September 22, 2010

Cost of War: $ 1 trillion.

July 30, 2010

Obama signs war spending bill: $1 Trillion. – – Insanitee….eeeeee!!!!


Neocons in the Pentagon must be overjoyed, while. … America’s infrastructure collapses … Soldiers’ suicide rate is at an all-time peak … The economy is in the dumps …. The dollar is faltering …. Citizens can’t find jobs and are unable to pay bills …. Our media dumb down our nation … Our educational system atrophies ….

But the war profiteerers rejoice …. Vote all our leaders out of office …. !!!!!!!!!

Congress passed the bill on Tuesday and Obama signed it without public remarks in a low-key Oval Office session. …

the total amount of money that Congress has allotted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan surpasses $1 trillion. …

Top priority – Israel

May 15, 2010

$205 million for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome Missiles’. – Not mentioned by US Media.

The Obama administration authorized $205 million to allow Israel to complete its Iron Dome short-range missile defense system. ….


US Nuclear Option on Iran

April 24, 2010

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat.


… “ want to stress that the NPR states the United States would only consider the use of nuclear weapons in extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners.” ….

WASHINGTON, Apr 23, 2010 (IPS) – The Barack Obama administration’s declaration in its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that it is reserving the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran represents a new element in a strategy of persuading Tehran that an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites is a serious possibility if Iran does not bow to the demand that it cease uranium enrichment.

Although administration officials have carefully refrained from drawing any direct connection between the new nuclear option and the Israeli threat, the NPR broadens the range of contingencies in which nuclear weapons might play a role so as to include an Iranian military response to an Israeli attack.

A war involving Iran that begins with an Israeli attack is the only plausible scenario that would fit the category of contingencies in the document. ….

Obama blinked …

March 28, 2010

Netanyahu’s First Year: Weathering the Obama Storm

Netanyahu Insults US

March 14, 2010

Netanyahu must choose between ideology and U.S. support


Referring to Israel’s announcement of the plan to build 1,600 more housing units in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo during a visit by Vice President Joe Biden, Axelrod told ABC’s This Week that “what happened there was an affront.” …

“It was an insult, but that’s not the most important thing,” Axelrod added, saying that the move was disruptive to upcoming proximity talks with the Palestinians and that the approval during Biden’s visit “seemed calculated to undermine that, and that was – that was distressing to everyone who is promoting the idea of peace and security in the region.”



Focus on AIPAC

December 9, 2009

TONIGHT: Senate Will Pass AIPAC’s Iran Sanctions Bill To Undercut Obama.

 It appears that the 800 pound gorilla that is AIPAC has been eating regular. The Senate is prepared to vote tonight — under super expedited procedure — on AIPAC’s legislation that would impose onerous sanction on Iran, cutting the legs out of the President’s diplomatic strategy.

Note. This is being done in the dark of night although, on the good side, it takes only one senator to stop it (and he or she can do it anonymously). …

WASHINGTON (JTA) — J Street has endorsed congressional legislation imposing sanctions on Iran’s energy industry. ….